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Posted by Lew raged at ts on Monday 8th December 2008 22:55:22 - Never Expires
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  1. Conversation started between =HeL= Lark and Lew666: Mon, Dec  08 22:14:32 2008
  2. [22:14] Lew666: not clever at all mate
  3. [22:14] =HeL= Lark: wasn't me
  4. [22:15] Lew666: it was echo
  5. [22:15] =HeL= Lark: why are you saying not clever at all mate to me
  6. [22:15] Lew666: i recorded sum but he never spoke so i used push to talk and recorded my speakers i will send it on to stoney tommorrow
  7. [22:15] Lew666: cus hes talkin to u and wont reply to me
  8. [22:16] =HeL= Lark: ...
  9. [22:16] =HeL= Lark: why would stoney wana listen to it lol
  10. [22:16] Lew666: cs hes in HeL
  11. [22:16] =HeL= Lark: and
  12. [22:16] Lew666: and stoney has worked hard on it
  13. [22:16] =HeL= Lark: and
  14. [22:16] =HeL= Lark: he doesn't control what teamspeak servers i or echo goes on
  15. [22:17] Lew666: so if i post it up on u tube and put links on bf2 servers people will see hel has hackers
  16. [22:17] =HeL= Lark: rofl
  17. [22:17] Lew666: simple aint it
  18. [22:17] =HeL= Lark: ya you are
  19. [22:17] =HeL= Lark: where does it say hel?
  20. [22:17] =HeL= Lark: where does it say the clan went on your ts
  21. [22:17] =HeL= Lark: it hasn't
  22. [22:17] Lew666: o c now thats why i sed clever
  23. [22:17] =HeL= Lark: ...?
  24. [22:17] Lew666: cs ur in on it to
  25. [22:18] =HeL= Lark: this has nothing to do with hel, but whatever
  26. [22:18] =HeL= Lark: tbh i personally don't care what people think whether i'm in on something or not
  27. [22:18] =HeL= Lark: it makes no difference
  28. [22:18] Lew666: what just a personnel thing u and echo have?
  29. [22:18] =HeL= Lark: i came on because term was on here
  30. [22:18] =HeL= Lark: then echo came on so i stayed to see what happens
  31. [22:18] Lew666: ye ok fine
  32. [22:18] Lew666: ye u knew what he was gonna do cs hes sum comp wizard
  33. [22:19] =HeL= Lark: he doesn't practice magic :S
  34. [22:19] Lew666: i didnt have a problem with u but now ur agreeing to what hes doing as right
  35. [22:20] =HeL= Lark: when did i say that?
  36. [22:20] Lew666: ur sticking up for him
  37. [22:21] Lew666: u knew what he was upto
  38. [22:21] Lew666: yet u stayed lol ye to watch
  39. [22:21] =HeL= Lark: listen
  40. <This user is now offline>

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