RageBin - Collaborative Raging

Ragebin is a collaborative Raging tool allowing you to share and modify rage snippets while chatting on IRC, IM or a message board.

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What is pastebin?

RageBin is here to help you collaborate on the raging of the human race. If you're not familiar with the idea, most people use it like this:


Simply go to make a post, choose how long you want to keep it, and then post it. Don't forget to choose the syntax highlighting. After you're done posting, keep the link to the post handy or give it to anyone you'd like to share your post with.

How can I view the differences between two posts?

When you view a post, you have the opportunity of editing the text - this creates a new post, but when you view it, you'll be given a 'diff' link which allows you to compare the changes between the old and the new version

This is a powerful feature, great for seeing exactly what lines someone changed.