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Posted by Anonymous on Thursday 4th January 2018 01:21:24 - Never Expires (modification of post by view diff)
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  1. Find the AWM
  2. Find the DP-28
  3. Double M16A4 in Inventory
  4. Find a Level 3 Vest
  5. Find a Level 3 Helmet
  6. Collect a Crate
  7. Die Collecting a Crate
  8. Get a Crossbow Kill
  9. Get a Chicken Dinner
  10. Kill an AFK
  11. Get 200 BP in a Game
  12. Obtain an 8X Scope
  13. Land in Pochinki
  14. Land in School
  15. Land in Apartments
  16. Land in Porogi
  17. Die Within Two Minutes of Landing
  18. Leave an Enemy Alive After Incapacitating Him
  19. Teammate Ragequits
  20. Punch someone out
  21. Murder a Player with a Sickle
  22. Murder a Player with a Crowbar
  23. Kill a Player Within Two Minutes
  24. Kill Somebody Using Only Ironsights
  25. Kill a Player with a Headshot
  26. Kill a Player with a Kar98K
  27. Kill in an Open Field
  28. Kill Through Smoke
  29. Kill While Flashed
  30. Die in an Open Field
  31. Play with a Friend
  32. Play as a 4 Man Squad
  33. Don't Jump from the Plane
  34. Jump from the Plane as Soon as Possible
  35. Land in the Water
  36. Land and die instantly due to parachute glitch
  37. Someone jumps out of the plane by mistake
  38. Win the Game with a Crossbow Kill
  39. In the Final 10 players
  40. Terrorist Reference while in the Plane
  41. "Cyka Blyat"
  42. Your Mum Joke
  43. Salt from Enemy Player
  44. Grab the Kar98K on the Erangel starter island
  45. Play a Game on the Erangel Map
  46. Play a Game on the Miramar Map
  47. Acquire a Med Kit
  48. Have 10 Bandages
  49. Drink a Can of Energy Drink
  50. Pills Here! (in your inventory)
  51. Bleed Out
  52. Die to the Red Zone
  53. Die to the Blue Zone
  54. Drive a Vehicle
  55. Ride in a Vehicle
  56. Refuel a Vehicle
  57. Watch your Deathcam
  58. Get Teamkilled
  59. Teammate crashes car
  60. Die to a chinamen

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