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Posted by Amar Kanwal Fake on Saturday 10th November 2012 18:54:41 - Never Expires
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  1.    Amar Kanwal, born on August 9, 1995, arise suspicion through out Canada. He was known to be "Fake". He spammed the internet with his false biography.
  3.     ---He created Fake "Youtube" and "Yahoo Answers" accounts and pretended someone asking about his popularity and his "fake" accounts replying it. (I can tell. The accounts were created and unused on the same day). The display pictures of the fake accounts were hot chicks. Wow, what a perverted!
  5.     ---His Facbook fan page has only "one" picture on the page and that page has like 133k "likes". (It seems like the number of likes is decreasing over time). It was known that he bought all of the likes and he is a fake because the comments made on the picture were all spam.
  7.     ---His blog says ""His Commercial is debuted at number one or within the top ten most viewed videos in several countries in 2004 and was given honors by Youtube."" Youtube wasn't even created in 2004!!!!!!!!! LOL.
  9.     ---He also said he released an album on March 2012, but you can't find it anywhere. Can't even find his published works.... Faker
  11.     --- He made other websites and blogs about his biography. (Those are fake).
  13.     ---------------
  14.     --------------------------------
  15.     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16.     A Message Written By Nate The Hitmaker:
  18.     @HitmakersPro
  19.     Was sup.I checked out his twitter.He has fake followers lol.I know real followers from fakes.I already know he bought most if not 90% of his followers.If you look at most of his followers.They only have like 14-40 followers & they don't even tweet that much..Also if you search his name on twitter.You can see who mentions him.But the funny thing is I been trying to find some of his work as well in the past to see who he was & why he had such a big fan base.I sold some beats to him about 4 months ago.I still haven't heard any of the tracks to my beats.So I really don't even know if he is an artist model etc.
  21.     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22.     -----------------------------
  23.     --------------------
  28.     Below is a conversation that I had with him after Amar caught me sending out messages to his fans. He being a fake and lying
  29.     He tries to """threaten""" me, near the end, maybe because I've caught him and he wants me to stay out of it.
  31.     *** I don't even post my phone number and address online. What a liar. Trying to pretend he has all my info. And these contacting ideas is so unreal. lol***
  34.     ---Please note that the message that I sent to his fans were all "questions" because I was questioning his fans about what I'm seeing when I searched them up. So, that brought up "questions". I didn't want to message him because I didn't want to ruin his plans.
  36.     I didn't even state that he was fake at that time. Why so pissed in these messages?... Hiding something???
  38.     ----------
  39.     -----------------------------
  40.     -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  41.     Amar: sending mass messages about people now?
  42.     never expected something like that from you
  43.     frankly disappointed in your actions
  45.     Me: Oh
  46.     i was just curious
  48.     Amar: i have nothing to say to you. pissed me off when people send me this.
  49.     waste my time
  51.     Me: but i was asking you what you've published
  53.     Amar: does not matter. wait for a response. spamming peoples friends is not something that will get you help from me.
  54.     you need to be patient or learn how to use google.
  56.     Me: sorry man, i'm just courious in what you do, but when i search you up, i didn't find much.
  58.     Amar: i dont accept your apology because you crossed the limits.. its not something that is little. you wasted many peoples times.
  59.     your spammed idk to how many people, but its pathetic.
  61.     Me: only 3 people. i can't figure out what you do to get so many fans.
  63.     Amar: which 3 people. because now i need to apologies to them that someone up to no good send out a mass spam message.
  64.     its not a joke. power is achived by having a personality, i thought you had one before you did something like this. guess you proved me wrong.
  66.     Me: aw
  67.     they didn't reply.
  68.     they just said, they didn't pay any attention to you.
  70.     Amar: who did u send this out to?
  71.     which people and who responded. need to know because its something i have to fix.
  73.     Me: ok
  75.     Amar: because people are quite conserned. as myself when i know someone could be talking to my best friends and all.
  77.     **I told him the names at this part....
  80.     Me: you wanna read what I sent them?
  82.     Amar: i have the messages.
  84.     Me: i just asked how you got popular
  86.     Amar: thing is, idk whats on your mind. its a very stupid action.
  87.     glad i only have to send apology to 3 people.
  88.     if any more i would put you on the stand to do it.
  90.     Me: why did they send my messages to you?
  92.     Amar: because people are loyal to me. people know me well.
  93.     if something is not right they tell me.
  95.     Me: I'm just curious what you do to get popular. sorry
  96.     i didn't say anything bad.
  98.     Amar: thats not the way to ask such questions.
  99.     i dont care about what you asked.
  100.     what pisses me off is how you had the time to go through my friends and message them.
  101.     trust me if i lived a little closer to you, i would personally had come to talk to you. because this could have been another issue
  103.     Me: i apologize. forget me
  104.     i was just curious in your works, but I can't find them anywhere.
  105.     i just i made the wrong choice.
  107.     Amar: listen. if i do have any problems. you do understand how high profile accounts work. if anyone becomes targeted or causes lose in profits for me i can hold you for slander or libel and only because i know when you live, and your schooling etc. contacted your phone number yet because i now have acess to that information.
  109.     Me: oh... I just want to be an actor.
  111.     Amar: now whats done is done, i can only prevent things, but if anything escalates you will be hearing from me and im not sure if you attend phonecalls or your gaurdiens do i will be contacting them for fees if it costs me anytime to fix this matter
  113.     Me: I just want someone to help me out.
  115.     Amar: Do you understand what im saying above?
  116.     Only because i know where you go to school and all i give you a little slack because, unlike others that do similar activity we have little information about but since your relativity close and i have gotten the information through facebook i could press allegations on you right now as i type this. would be no problem for me to do so.
  118.     Me: sorry, let's forget about this.
  120.     Amar: Im telling you the procedure and rights im giving you. Do you understand what im saying?
  122.     Me: Yes, I won't do that again.
  124.     Amar: because as little case i care about this issue, im going to call my PR and have you a phone call advising you to get some legal help.
  125.     You have any parents at home? if so what times. I would like them to contact my PR so we understand another.
  127.     Me: please no. lol
  129.     Amar: If your on any scholorship at this point i will try my best to get that revoked as well... legal help because your going to need it if i find more people bothered about your actions.
  130.     others have reported you to me for slander, same request is being forwarded to my PR. and to you. i can give you a fax number that you have to follow up on.
  132.     Me: just e-mail it.
  134.     Amar: no, has to be faxed since its going to me, my pr and facebook policy department.
  136.     Me: i don't have a fax machine.
  138.     Amar: according to my records you been sending similar messages about me since feb 25th. today is June 11th.
  140.     Me: oh, i get it
  142.     Amar: so you still lied about sending 3. meaning im not going to be light on you
  144.     Me: no, i only sent 3. relax, it's all over now
  146.     Amar: no its not. your game is finished because your caught. now your in trouble because of your actions.
  147.     your stupid enough to to spam a site dependent on another person. caused harm to those you sent and considered written/typed slander. Its a offence. were not talking about it being over, you owe me a duty of care because it was a negligent action.
  149.     Me: don't think so. lol. i just asked questions because I was unsure and I didn't want to hurt your feelings.
  151.     Amar: As i said, you better have your friends family and school very nice to you. because if i cant sort this out, i will make some phonecalls and make your life hell.
  153.     Me: lol ok
  155.     Amar: now, im done talking to you. dont need to talk to me again. Ill contact your family if i ever need to get in touch with you.
  157.     Me: take care, i need to study for my test.
  158.     ---------------------------------------------------------------
  159.     -----------------------------------------
  160.     --------------------------------
  164.     tags:
  165.     Amar Kanwal Scam Fake Celebrity

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