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Posted by sn4fu ragd on Tuesday 16th December 2008 15:08:25 - Never Expires (modification of post by view diff)
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  1. <sn4fu> yes
  2. <sn4fu> raged
  3. <sn4fu> rifk
  4. <tatootian> ya
  5. <tatootian> i can tel
  6. <sn4fu> u caught me
  7. <sn4fu> bruHH
  8. <tatootian> sinc u 2 pusy 2 fiet
  9. <tatootian> omg
  10. <tatootian> ya
  11. <tatootian> is ok s0n
  12. <sn4fu> your trollness
  13. <sn4fu> fails
  14. <tatootian> dat u g0t owned in a 5v5 cal-m scrim
  15. <tatootian> ya
  16. <tatootian> u
  17. <tatootian> ?
  18. <tatootian> wer ur trols
  19. <tatootian> n0n
  20. <sn4fu> ./end convo
  21. <tatootian> ya usls
  22. <tatootian> das al u gud 4
  23. <sn4fu> [18:06] <tatootian> dat u g0t owned in a 5v5 cal-m scrim
  24. <sn4fu> dude
  25. <sn4fu> you dotn even make sense
  26. <sn4fu> waht the fuck
  27. <tatootian> r u dum
  28. <tatootian> ya u r
  29. <tatootian> jus admit etc
  30. <sn4fu> are you autistic?
  31. <sn4fu> i tihnk u need ridlinm?
  32. <tatootian> n0
  33. <tatootian> y so srs?
  34. <sn4fu> talknig with 4 and n0
  35. <sn4fu> dont make u look cool
  36. <sn4fu> g33k
  37. <sn4fu> go suck gorons
  38. <sn4fu> dick
  39. <sn4fu> net tez failure
  40. <sn4fu> later
  41. <sn4fu> oodz
  42. <sn4fu> F
  43. <tatootian> l8r
  44. <tatootian> sinc u puy
  45. <tatootian> o btw
  46. <tatootian> u sux dix
  47. <tatootian> jus an fyi u no
  48. <tatootian> <Sn00zr> <
  49. <tatootian> o sry wrung wind0w
  50. <tatootian> <sn4fu> and always sucked my dick
  51. <tatootian> ya wer
  52. <sn4fu> lcirc
  53. <sn4fu> where i would punk you
  54. <tatootian> wer
  55. <tatootian> prof
  56. <sn4fu> dumb kid
  57. <tatootian> ya wat i did
  58. <sn4fu> wow ignored
  59. <tatootian> rofl
  60. <tatootian> raged
  61. <sn4fu> your brain
  62. <sn4fu> msut be
  63. <sn4fu> the size of a pee
  64. <tatootian> ya u
  65. <tatootian> o sry wer ignord
  66. <tatootian> ya pusy
  67. <tatootian> 2 scard 2 ignor me
  68. <tatootian> becuz oven is imminent
  69. <tatootian> inferior

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