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Posted by AlbaniaCockSucke on Friday 18th May 2012 04:58:06 - Never Expires
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  1. Video is here: http://youtu.be/42myaaPk9bU
  3. Albanianbocksjer aka AlbanianCockSucka
  4. (Comments were deleted so I have to try to remember what he said)
  5. “there is no way in hell your 240 beat the lambo, the lambo was just cruising minding his own business and you got a little excited there is no way in hell your broke ass beat the lambo”
  7. bohdanko90
  8. sounds like someone knows nothing about anything and not to mention cars
  10. MyPocketHowTo
  11. Damn calm down, your acting defensive like you drive a lambo lol.
  13. Albanianbocksjer aka AlbanianCockSucka
  15. I'm not pissed just hate when people take credit about shit they didn't do. And no I don't drive a Lamborghini but I drive 2001 BMW 330cic and stock I raced my friends suped up 240sx and left it way behind in a drag not to mention what would of happened on a circuit if my 330cic can do it then I'm sure that Lamborghini could. If I got some headers new exhaust cold air intake I could embarrass a 240 way worse. So please stfu sayin I know nothin on cars.
  17. bohdanko90
  18. So basically your friend knows nothing about cars either since he has a "suped up" 240sx that loses to your bmw. The reason why Im saying that you know nothing about cars is because youre making assumptions without knowing any facts. You have no idea what i got in my 240sx and in the video you could barely even hear my car, all you hear is the lambo motor screaming from all the ass raping it was getting. You're just like every other fanboy that thinks that since its a "Lambo" it is unbeatable.
  20. Albanianbocksjer aka AlbanianCockSucka
  22. A 240 stock is a 7.8 second car unless u got a different engine in that motherfucker it's not beating no Lamborghini. And so u know my my 330cic stock is a 5.6 second car if I were to supe it up i could take anything a 240 could throw at me but, why do anything to my bimmer when it's already a better car.
  23. bohdanko90
  24. now what are you talking about? a stock 240 is a 7.8 sec car nad the bmw is a 5.6 sec car???? i think you should stop replying on here before you embarrass yourself even more. You just completely contradicted yourself "unless you had a different engine in that motherfucker it's not beating no Lamborghini." Oh so now i could have a chance in beating the lambo? wow dude. even with a stock motor its possible.
  26. you are a retard, I was there and he smoked the lambo. Infact if you had ears (clearly you are deaf) you could hear the lambo accelerating. This 240 had serious work in it and was making almost 500HP. I do hope you realize that lambos usually have less than 500HP, and regardless of their HP output they are extremely heavy.
  27. Jimster481
  28. 7.8 second car? WTF are you talking about? 0-60MPH/0-100KMH? Because srsly ROFL
  29. And his car didn't have a stock motor for shit, and if you knew about cars you would be able to tell from this video. The fact that you are here disputing it shows that you know nothing. And if you "suped up" your german piece of shit it would go nowhere other than to the junkyard after that shit blew up.
  31. Jimster481
  32. You can't even speak english, clearly "you know nothin on cars". Your shit ass 330cic cant do anything, your friends "suped up" 240 probably is stock with I/H/E or a sick "Performance Body kit" and "performance Wing" and "racing intake". When you start boosting these cars they start making very respectable power. So maybe you should "learn somthin on cars" before getting on here and embarrassing yourself. And we ain't broke son, this is Miami hahahahaha
  36. THEN aka AlbanianCockSucka SENDS bohdanko90 a message and says this:
  37. Subject: Proof you faggot
  38. German cars are the best in the world your fucken 240sx could lick my 330cic's nuts. I could get a stock M3 and dust your 240 i dont care what you have on that piece of shit! Fucken horrible cars you say German cars are a piece of shit then let me buy a Mercedes SLR and see how that 240sx does or shit maybe a SLS. Or even a C63 AMG! Mercedes will always be number one in the world and BMW a runner up. Drive better then any other cars out there your just a hater or a dick rider. Your sense is pure bullshit you are like a little kid.
  39. http://www.zeroto60times.com/BMW-Bimmer-0-60-mph-Times.html
  41. Proof of what my 330cic does shut the fuck up faggot you are pure shit.
  42. And Proof yours is a piece of shit it's actually a 8.6 second car.
  43. http://www.zeroto60times.com/Nissan-0-60-mph-Times.html
  47. bohdanko90 Replies:
  48. Re: Proof you faggot
  49. Ohh man, now you're messaging me? you deleted all of your comments from the video because you realized that you know nothing about cars?
  50. According to your shitty website an SLR Mclaren is a 3.4 sec car that runs 11.4 quarter mile. My 240sx runs 11.2 quarter mile!
  51. So go get that piece of shit SLR so we can race for pink slips and i take that piece of shit and sell it to another faggot like yourself, you fucking piece of shit that has german dicks in your ass 24/7/365 and love every minute of it you fucking faggot.
  52. Im posting all of your faggot comments and this faggot message you sent me all over the net, so the world can see what a fucking faggot you are and why there is no more german dick available to any of the girls that want some, you hog all those dicks you faggot.
  53. hahahahaha

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