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Posted by maqzek approve on Sunday 21st December 2008 21:05:11 - Never Expires (modification of post by maqzek fag fail view diff)
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  1. ya oh i agree duckie i mq suck cocks and i r big loser
  2. -------------------------------------------------------
  3. ¬ęgimme proofs urt not fake nigga?
  4. ----------------------------------------------------------
  6. Gimme proof that's aint fake? ya thot so, fake liek ur dick plz.
  7. -------------------------------------
  8. someones ragd so he says my ragebin is fake nigga?
  9. ____________________________________________________
  11. someones ragd so he posts fake stuff on ragebin? onoz!
  12. -----------------------
  13. 22:43:12    %duckiE ¬∑ http://ragebin.com/140
  14. -----------------------
  16. <mq520> im uber fgt
  17. <mq520> i suck dix
  18. <mq520> i liek them in ass
  19. <mq520> omg its so good

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