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Posted by RIFK - Bottalk - on Tuesday 23rd December 2008 02:06:37 - Never Expires
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  1. 08:55 pm           <@disfigure> yo
  2.                    <@disfigure> drinking beers
  3.                    <@disfigure> is for the win
  4. 08:56 pm                <@sKyZ> yeah
  5.                         <@sKyZ> if you're 15
  6.                    <@disfigure> coors light mmm
  7.                    <@disfigure> na beers will get any aged fucked up
  8.                         <@sKyZ> yeah, if you drink enough to become a fat-ass or you're a chick.
  9. 08:57 pm           <@disfigure> lol you have to drink that much
  10.                    <@disfigure> i can drink 10 beers
  11.                    <@disfigure> and be drunk
  12.                         <@sKyZ> ...
  13.                         <@sKyZ> like i said, "And chicks"
  14.                    <@disfigure> lol
  15.                    <@disfigure> or light weight guys
  16.                    <@disfigure> you fucking dumb fuck
  17.                         <@sKyZ> Same thing.
  18.                    <@disfigure> go hang urself with ur shoelaces
  19. 08:58 pm                <@sKyZ> If I was a chick or lightweight, i would.
  20.                    <@disfigure> how many beers does it take for you to get drunk mr Tough guy
  21. 08:59 pm                <@sKyZ> Never counted, I hardly drink beer.
  22. 09:03 pm                 <@hYp> lol...
  23.                          <@hYp> sKyZ.
  24.                          <@hYp> go drink
  25.                          <@hYp> 10
  26.                          <@hYp> beers.
  27.                          <@hYp> i bet you get drunk.
  28.                          <@hYp> maybe not wasted.
  29.                          <@hYp> but you'll get drunk if it's some ight beer.
  30.                          <@hYp> idc who you is
  31.                          <@hYp> lo
  32.                          <@hYp> l
  33. 09:04 pm                <@sKyZ> lol
  34.                    <@disfigure> yea he's just a retarded little boy
  35.                          <@hYp> maybe he's confused in the head.
  36.                          <@hYp> and thinking drinking water & beer is the same.
  37.                    <@disfigure> indeed
  38.                         <@sKyZ> 10 beers = tipsy
  39.                         <@sKyZ> when you say drunk
  40.                         <@sKyZ> i think
  41.                         <@sKyZ> gone
  42.                    <@disfigure> 15 beers
  43.                    <@disfigure> would get most people Drunk
  44.                         <@sKyZ> 15 beers = me==drunk
  45.                          <@hYp> yeah, notice how his words changed completely, after someone else said something
  46.                          <@hYp> rifk
  47.                          <@hYp> bbl, disfigure <3

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