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Posted by thisgamesux fun on Tuesday 23rd December 2008 02:23:54 - Never Expires
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  1.    <@hYp> shit we just made it worse... we just made a nigger president.
  2.                          <@hYp> that half of you
  3.                          <@hYp> prob
  4.                          <@hYp> voted
  5.                          <@hYp> for
  6.                          <@hYp> lol
  7.                          <@hYp> fucking retardz
  8.                  <+TedFlip|VIP> rofl!
  9.                       <&Rajinn> hyp
  10.                       <&Rajinn> do you seriously think
  11.                       <&Rajinn> he will last 4 years in office
  12. 09:19 pm                 <@hYp> i dunno.. ppl said he'd die by now.
  13.                     <Intelon67> I think he'll get shot
  14.                          <@hYp> i dont think so.
  15.                  <+TedFlip|VIP> same here....but i just play along
  16.                          <@hYp> yall srsly dumb.
  17.                          <@hYp> hes in office
  18.                          <@hYp> yall put it there..
  19.                        Join [+] MacZero has joined the channel.
  20.                        <Hisaki> Lol...
  21.                          <@hYp> so
  22.                          <@hYp> deal with it. ;]
  23.                          <@hYp> nigger-lovers
  24.                  <+TedFlip|VIP> I hear alot of assissination attempts XD
  25.                          <@hYp> key word..
  26.                          <@hYp> attempts.
  27.                          <@hYp> that
  28.                          <@hYp> failed
  29.                          <@hYp> hardcoreee.
  30.                        <Hisaki> hYp
  31.                        <Hisaki> Its people like you that make the US a stereotype for a retarded country

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