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Posted by thisgamesux luls on Tuesday 23rd December 2008 19:15:04 - Never Expires
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  1.                        <@hYp> s3xt0y is major win.. like, 1000 million niggers on the moon, and 1000 jews in an oven. that's how win s3xyt0y is
  2.                       <~s3xt0y> the b-leet contest
  3.                   <%wearemages> O.o
  4.                       <~s3xt0y> winners
  5.                       <~s3xt0y> im 3rd or 2nd i forget
  6.                   <%wearemages> i remember
  7.                       <~s0beit> ok
  8.                       <~s3xt0y> rifk hype
  9.                       <~s0beit> s3xt0y
  10.                       <~s3xt0y> i have to masterbate today
  11.                       <~s0beit> s3xyt0y is not right
  12.                       <~s0beit> i like to call him
  13.                       <~s0beit> s3xb0y.
  14.                       <~s0beit> cuz he has s3x with b0s
  15.                        <Hisaki> MASTURBATING TAKES LIKE 5 MINUTES
  16.                       <~s3xt0y> wow u homo
  17.                        <Hisaki> Lol
  18.                       <~s3xt0y> i masterbate alot
  19.                       <~s0beit> lol
  20.                       <~s3xt0y> and i mean alott
  21.                        <Hisaki> Lol?
  22.                        <~s3xt0y> like when i jizz
  23.                   <%wearemages> O.o
  24.                        <Hisaki> xD
  25.                   <%wearemages> das enuf details there
  26.                       <~s3xt0y> only poofs of seamen come out
  27.                       <~s3xt0y> because
  28.                       <~s3xt0y> im out
  29.                        <Byblos> semen smoke lol
  30.                          <Kath> xD
  31.                     <MiaoQuack> I read the Men's Health magazine. They said it takes on average of 2.6 mins to masturbate.
  32.                        <Hisaki> Yeah
  33.                        <Hisaki> Ask santa for a blowup doll
  34.                       <~s0beit> lol
  35.                          <@hYp> LOLOL
  36.                   * Eternitron: would like to say: S0BEIT WE LOVE YOU!!! CMON S0BEIT, GIVE US ANUTOGRAPH!!!
  37.                          <@hYp> sup s0beit
  38.                       <~s3xt0y> guys s0beit is a virgin
  39.                       <~s3xt0y> guys s0beit is a virgin
  40.                       <~s3xt0y> guys s0beit is a virgin
  41.                       <~s0beit> s3xt0y
  42.                       <~s3xt0y> guys s0beit is a virgin
  43.                    <+Megas|VIP> o.o
  44.                        <Hisaki> Yes, we know
  45.                       <~s3xt0y> guys s0beit is a virgin
  46.                       <~s0beit> is a gay person
  47.                       <~s0beit> and
  48.                       <~s0beit> his mom is a whore
  49.                       <~s3xt0y> how am i gay
  50.                       <~s3xt0y> and yes
  51.                       <~s3xt0y> my mum is a whore
  52.                          <@hYp> ^
  53.                          <@hYp> lol
  54.                       <~s3xt0y> that hoe pays the bills
  55.                       <~s3xt0y> so i dont care
  56.                       <~s3xt0y> s0beit u need new insults
  57.                       <~s3xt0y> because
  58.                       <~s3xt0y> ues
  59.                       <~s3xt0y> my mum is a whore
  60.                       <~s0beit> why would i pick a new one
  61.                       <~s0beit> this one is still funny
  62.                       <~s3xt0y> yes i listen to bjork
  63.                       <~s3xt0y> yes i watch anime
  64.                       <~s3xt0y> etc
  65.                       <~s3xt0y> new ones plez
  66.                        <Hisaki> So do i :P
  67.                       <~s0beit> yes you do
  68.                       <Crusnik> Rofl
  69.                   <%wearemages> LMAO
  70.                       <~s3xt0y> and yes
  71.                       <Crusnik> Anime isn't that bad, but Bjork?
  72.                    <+Megas|VIP> Anime is good
  73.                       <Crusnik> Seriously?
  74.                       <~s3xt0y> mirrors edge is the best game ever made
  75.                   * Eternitron: wants to turn off the lights and play "Whos' in my mouth?" :D
  76.                       <~s3xt0y> by man
  77.                       <~s3xt0y> ever
  78.                       <~s3xt0y> ever
  79.                       <~s3xt0y> ever
  80.                       <~s3xt0y> ever
  81.                        <Hisaki> OMG YES
  82.                       <~s0beit> and you go on digg and sa goons and 4chan all day and say DESU DESU KUWAIII on the computer in real life
  84.                       <~s0beit> and u never admin tgs
  85.                       <~s3xt0y> liar
  86.                       <Crusnik> Hahahah!
  87.                       <~s3xt0y> i admin all the time
  88.                   <%wearemages> LMAO
  89.                       <~s3xt0y> im just fast about it
  90.                      <~s3xt0y> how dare you insult me like that, i don't vist 4chan
  91.                      <~s3xt0y> and i dont say desu desu kawii

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