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Posted by jimster xfire ra on Wednesday 24th December 2008 00:06:00 - Never Expires (modification of post by view diff)
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  1. chaos480: well the problem is that
  2. chaos480: my bank acc
  3. chaos480: is under my dads SSN
  4. chaos480: and if anything happened
  5. chaos480: he would go to jail
  6. chaos480: for sure
  7. chaos480: as hes on probation
  8. =HeL= Lark: so you're in the clear!
  9. =HeL= Lark: :D
  10. chaos480: ya i wouldnt do that
  11. chaos480: to my dad
  12. =HeL= Lark: i would
  13. =HeL= Lark: since i don't know him
  14. chaos480: i lost my mom when i was 6
  15. chaos480: hes all i got
  16. =HeL= Lark: where did you last see her?
  17. chaos480: thats not funny
  18. chaos480: she died man
  19. =HeL= Lark: oh
  20. =HeL= Lark: how?
  21. chaos480: weak blood vessel in the brain
  22. chaos480: its called an aneurysm
  23. chaos480: most of the itme people die instanly
  24. =HeL= Lark: i know what an aneurysm is
  25. chaos480: like what happened to my mom
  26. =HeL= Lark: is it hereditary?
  27. chaos480: no
  28. chaos480: its just random
  29. chaos480: but very rare
  30. =HeL= Lark: k
  31. =HeL= Lark: well i hope she gets better soon
  32. chaos480: your a complete asshole
  33. =HeL= Lark: what?
  34. =HeL= Lark: i offered my support ffs
  35. chaos480: ya she died 12 years ago asshole
  36. chaos480: i already said that
  37. =HeL= Lark: oh
  38. =HeL= Lark: well i dunno, its amazing what doctors and stuff can do these days

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