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Posted by sn4fu got ragd on Thursday 25th December 2008 03:07:01 - Never Expires
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  1. <sn4fu> any pr0n acc
  2. <sn4fu> ok
  3. <sn4fu> so
  4. <sn4fu> leave the trolls
  5. <sn4fu> that make this place
  6. <sn4fu> a skid/4chn chat
  7. <sn4fu> fuckin a menG
  8. <hYp> i don't care.
  9. <hYp> what yout hink this place is yo.
  10. <hYp> havnt u got the point
  11. <hYp> its all luls yo.
  12. <hYp> dont like it..
  13. <sn4fu> its nto luls dog
  14. <hYp> and talk bout  skids and shit.. LOL
  15. <sn4fu> this is fail
  16. <hYp> wtf were u in
  17. <sn4fu> because of two kids
  18. <hYp> myg0t is nothing but skiddies
  19. <sn4fu> who cant type correctly
  20. <sn4fu> adn troll
  21. <hYp> NOOONE
  22. <hYp> IN
  23. <sn4fu> i idle here
  24. <hYp> Myg0t
  25. <hYp> isnt
  26. <hYp> a
  27. <hYp> skid
  28. <sn4fu> dude
  29. <sn4fu> half kids
  30. <sn4fu> dont even know what botnet is
  31. <sn4fu> not even a skid
  32. <hYp> #care
  33. <hYp> YO
  34. <hYp> IDC
  35. <hYp> #
  36. <hYp> CARE
  37. <hYp> K
  38. <hYp> THX
  39. <hYp> BAI
  40. <sn4fu> fuckin a
  41. <hYp> u dont like it
  42. <sn4fu> yuor wack
  43. <hYp> i dont beg u to idle.
  44. <sn4fu> pz
  45. <hYp> pz
  46. <hYp> ragd kiddie
  47. <hYp> go run to myg0t that they kickd/rejected u
  48. No such nick/channel
  49. <hYp> nub
  50. No such nick/channel

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