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Posted by hYp is dumb on Friday 26th December 2008 05:35:39 - Never Expires
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  1.                           <hYp> sToRm
  2.                           <hYp> wanna
  3.                           <hYp> see somethin
  4.                           <hYp> freaky? jim can voice ghost people
  5.                           <hYp> 12:33 am               Join [+] phil-_ has joined the channel.
  6.                           <hYp>                        Quit [!] phil-_- has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
  7.                           <hYp>                        Mode [+] Jimster480 sets mode: +v phil-_
  8.                        <@sToRm> wat
  9.                        <@sToRm> lol
  10.                        <@sToRm> well
  11.                        <@sToRm> they're different nicks?
  12.                        <@sToRm> -_-
  13.                        <@sToRm> -_
  14. 12:35 am                  <hYp> oh
  15.                           <hYp> lmao!
  16.                           <hYp> LOL
  17.                        <@sToRm> xD
  18.                           <hYp> oops
  19.                           <hYp> :x
  20.                        <@sToRm> lol

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