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Posted by Lew Ragd on Monday 8th December 2008 23:02:45 - Never Expires
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  1. [22:38] Lew666: dnt understand why u did that at all mate
  2. [22:38] Lew666: i really dont
  3. [22:38] Echo419  卍: was more for moko tbh
  4. [22:38] Echo419  卍: he wants to rage he can bring it
  5. [22:38] Lew666: why say my name mate
  6. [22:39] Lew666: u sed lew what we gonna do with u
  7. [22:39] Lew666: so it was aimed at me
  8. [22:39] Lew666: ive dun shit to no1
  9. [22:39] Lew666: anyways
  10. [22:39] Lew666: fuck it lol
  11. [22:39] Lew666: not interested
  12. [22:39] Lew666: wat ya playin?
  13. [22:39] Echo419  卍: nothing
  14. [22:39] Lew666: lol
  15. [22:40] Lew666: fer enuff
  16. [22:43] Lew666: the thing is right wen i left i had access to cod4 and cpanel and i didnt touch nothing i left it all were it is didnt delete nothing yet u do that what u did today
  17. [22:43] Lew666: i dont get it?
  18. [22:43] Lew666: hes inFBI clan
  19. [22:44] Lew666: moko is in fbi clan go do there ts
  20. [22:44] Echo419  卍: he spams me, he gets what he gets
  21. [22:44] Echo419  卍: simple
  22. [22:44] Echo419  卍: i already dropped their TS
  23. [22:44] Lew666: no u disrupted spitfire, also ukxfire
  24. [22:44] Echo419  卍: moko was there
  25. [22:44] Echo419  卍: he gets raged
  26. [22:45] Echo419  卍: the world spins on
  27. [22:45] Lew666: ok matey
  28. [22:45] Lew666: no probs
  29. [22:51] <lew6662007 is now playing Call of Duty: World at War Multiplayer>

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