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Posted by htv is in evilne on Wednesday 14th January 2009 02:07:37 - Never Expires
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  1.    <+hYp> u get kicked to the curb more then Kristin does a0 after shes done on her knees.
  2.                        Mode [+] syk sets mode: +b *!*@9EDC1B00.FCACF8DE.10FCFD50.IP
  3.                          <+hYp> lol ragd
  4.                       <Kristin> lmao
  5.                          <+hYp> brb
  6.                        Kick [!] a0 was kicked by syk (stfu)
  7. 09:07 pm                 <@j4e> @
  8.                          <@syk> annoying fucker
  9.                           <+h8> no shit
  10.                             <A> lol
  11.                          <@j4e> who da fuck is dat
  12.                       <Kristin> i can't stop laughing
  13.                             <A> irc thugs :\
  14.                           <+h8> some loser
  15.                             <A> with pregnant girlfriends
  16.                           <+h8> both packin riot cocks
  17.                          <@syk> some pissed off guy from england
  18.                           <+h8> and thinkin they're ownin
  19.                       <Kristin> lmaooooooooo

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