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Posted by hyp dum on Thursday 22nd January 2009 04:51:10 - Never Expires (modification of post by raged view diff)
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  1. um, either fake or hYp just uber dum?
  3. http://bash.org/?125283
  5. gg hYp? get more fake/dum. thx 4 attn.
  6. --------------------------------
  7. <~jas0n-> hey baby, whats up?
  8. <ashlee`> umm....nothing?
  9. <~jas0n-> So....want me to like come over today so we can fuck?
  10. <ashlee`> Wait....Jason did you want to speak to my daughter ashley?
  11. <~jas0n-> Yes  Mrs.Bonnell.. :-/
  12. <+m|ke_> LMFAOOOOO OWNEDDDDD!!! Jason got owneddd. rofl
  14. <&hyp> LMFAO
  15. <~jas0n-> meh wow.
  16. <ashlee`> hai babi
  17. <ashlee`> whats up
  18. <~jas0n-> read uppers! :/ meh
  19. <ashlee`> lmaoo im sorry baby!
  20. <~jas0n-> no ! :( now she prob hates me
  21. * Nickchange [!] jas0n- is now known as _[J]ason`afk
  22. <&hyp> rageddddd. jason got owneddd.
  23. <ashlee`> aww baby its ok, ryan shutup
  24. * Disconnected [!] Local Kill From _[J]ason`afk (STFU FAGGOT)

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