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Posted by mq your dumb as on Thursday 22nd January 2009 06:12:05 - Never Expires
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  1. http://www.ragebin.com/423
  2. - to mq.
  4. luls you're great man... you're a real internet man!
  6. funny thing is, it's only suppose to be on here for 1day, it's an old .txt file we had on hxcore from fusi0nchat. and back when #gumdr0p was on nerdirc wit ersid.
  8. so before you, a0, kerrie, killa, whoever you wanna add..
  9. go and hate on me again. ;p
  10. find out facts. dumbfuck.
  12. you're bout the biggest idiot on the earth, mq520.
  13. You can't even talk proper english, and you call you're fucked up english 'raging' because you're some type of myg0t-fan.
  14. Naa, you can say I'm raged by typing this, but whocares you think anything with a reply is raged. I'm only doing this so you can stfu with your idiot ass.
  16. Wasnt trying to be stolen, uploaded to show someone on Junglespot.com.  
  17. Go ask. :)
  20. lulz.
  22. a0;
  23. you're a trip kid. grow up emo kid.
  25. kerrie;
  26. whatever you wanna be raged about, go head. lol
  28. mq;
  29. you're just an idiot.
  32. Go ahead, say my english is fucked up on here.. i suck at spelling/whatever.
  35. Susposbly,
  36. I'm 40 years old, Named Robert Hartley (owner of Account Holder [susposbly])
  37. I live in baltimore, md. lulz?
  39. Kinda funny none of it's right.
  40. I'm seriously, once's someone pulls my right dox information. I'll quit the internet. :) make you fagfucks happy. :D
  42. I lost the log of what they said it was as my dox. kinda lulz man. I gline you because it pisses you off and it's hella funny seein' how raged you get at the gzline and have to find a proxy to re-connect.
  44. L

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