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Posted by ya u wish on Thursday 22nd January 2009 15:34:06 - Never Expires
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  1. http://www.ragebin.com/425
  2. - hyp, with love.
  4. Who cares where and when the text was made, thing is it's useless, I could go on make 203843 of these from bash.org and be like OMG LOK I PASTE RAGE LOGS LOLLLLL
  6. And why are you so raged about my English, is it too hard for you to read it, because you're a lazy fat fuck? Seems so. Oh ya, myg0t sucks about the same amount of dicks as you do so I cant be fan of them.
  8. And rifk, thx 4 being ragd at glining me because its lulz, I got lists of proxy ready always and it takes me like 5 secs to change and reconnect, so I have no idea how is that raging me. You zlined yourself, now that was lulz, talk about being mad that you don't even check the name after you Tab, gg Mr Expert Zliner.
  10. thx 4 attn.
  12. - sincerely, mq.
  14. ps. the towel is in the bathroom.

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