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Posted by l4d rage on Sunday 25th January 2009 16:26:45 - Never Expires
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  2. Gooze: :/
  3. Apollo: that was retarded
  4. Ezra Burke: that blew donkey cock :\
  5. ==> The Sickness <==: xD
  6. AlLNigHtmARelOnG: loll
  7. 419Tech: u
  8. ==> The Sickness <==: gotta love steam :D
  9. 419Tech: u
  10. Ezra Burke: Steam fail! :D
  11. 419Tech: u
  12. Apollo: u?
  13. 419Tech: yau
  14. Apollo: yau?
  15. Ezra Burke: vwxyz?
  16. AlLNigHtmARelOnG: no u
  17. 419Tech: nou
  18. Ezra Burke: noun
  19. Ezra Burke: Do i win?
  20. Apollo: nous
  21. 419Tech: #fail
  22. Ezra Burke: you hash fail?
  23. ==> The Sickness <==: kick teh cheeky cunt?
  24. 419Tech: ezra stfu or ddos?
  25. Ezra Burke: ddos...
  26. Ezra Burke: hmm. Strange little man.
  27. Apollo: tits or gtfo
  28. Ezra Burke: rofl
  29. ==> The Sickness <==: ddos +1
  30. Gooze: shut up appoollloooo
  31. Apollo: fuck you :P
  32. Gooze: ;D
  33. 419Tech: raged
  34. ==> The Sickness <== is now the Lobby Leader.
  35. Ezra Burke: Man, there is a distinct lack of server searching going on... :'(

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