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Posted by 480RageMore on Monday 23rd February 2009 22:14:37 - Never Expires
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  1. Originally Posted by T3KNiQe  View Post
  2. Its cause from I can tell from every post you've ever made, you don't have a modded honda worth a damn, or a honda at all.
  4. To the florida people, I got the dc2 dash on one of my civics, now I can't prove it wasn't stolen so everytime they check the window vin would I be ****ed, and I don't know if it came from a wrecked car? Up in VA I just tell them oh the dash is from an integra and they say ok and check the door vin.
  6. -------------------------------------
  8. sorry retard. Just because im not a DOHC VTEC RETARD like you are doesnt mean I dont have a honda or a modded Honda. I have a EJ8 with a built D16, and im turboing it tomorrow. So you keep your DOHC VTEC with all your stolen ass parts that you dont care if they are stolen and stfu. because its obvious that you no relativaly nothing at all. But you do throw around the words DOHC VTEC alot, because im pretty sure thats all you know about your car.

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