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Posted by farzad sux baxu on Wednesday 11th March 2009 03:26:34 - Never Expires
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  1. tatootian says:
  2.  and two things
  3.  why would I have your number
  4.  and how did I 'hack" your account?
  5.  :S
  6. Farzad - says:
  7.  well you r the only person who spams ... RIFK TERRORISTS IN THE WASHROOM?
  8. tatootian said (10:33 PM):
  9.  no?
  10.  :S
  11.  a0 said he found a terminal service vulnerability in the school
  12.  thus allowing him to have remote desktop ability
  13.  and using your account
  14.  etc
  15. tatootian said (10:35 PM):
  16.  If you have any proof to backup your claim, go for it.
  17.  Otherwise, false accuastion...
  19. den he went oflin wat pusy

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