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Posted by death on Sunday 15th March 2009 17:07:46 - Never Expires
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  2. �ЄΔЋ: what up
  3. Lark: yo
  4. Lark: pass the popcorn plz
  5. Lark: i haz a moviez
  6. �ЄΔЋ: hear you go
  7. Lark: k thx bai
  8. Lark: no thx
  9. Lark: can't edit flash
  10. �ЄΔЋ: i made it
  11. �ЄΔЋ: take a look
  12. �ЄΔЋ: at it ...
  13. Lark: i don't want to
  14. Lark: it fails
  15. �ЄΔЋ: your face fails
  16. Lark: i'm not a mirror you know
  17. �ЄΔЋ: rely ?
  18. Lark: spelt really
  19. Lark: and yes
  20. �ЄΔЋ: i fucking hate you
  21. Lark: raged much?
  22. �ЄΔЋ: jk
  23. Lark: maybe your penis shrunk again
  24. �ЄΔЋ: lol
  25. �ЄΔЋ: dont tuch me there
  26. Lark: you don't have much there?
  27. Lark: wow
  28. Lark: even admitting to it
  29. �ЄΔЋ: lol
  30. Lark: yea i would laugh as well if i could even see anything
  31. Lark: you do know i'll ragebin this
  32. Lark: see how many people correct your fail spelling mistakes
  33. Lark: and my grammer tbh
  34. �ЄΔЋ: i such at spelling thats all
  35. Lark: suck you mean?
  36. Lark: like your mom obviously
  37. Lark: and your dad
  38. Lark: does he still work down at the docks?
  39. Lark: last i heard he was off work sick cos of some black guy + his ass
  40. Lark: you gona cover for him?
  41. Lark: or just cover him in cum?

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