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Posted by hyp buthurt agin on Saturday 2nd May 2009 03:44:34 - Never Expires (modification of post by is the mq kid re view diff)
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  1. rifk, r u dum?
  3. y so ragd bout IRC? sumtin going not how u wunt? sems al u do is maek QQ posts on ragebin, ironic much plz?
  4. nd ya, sems ur kinda jelous cuz u nd jim keep copyin me? u eithr ned 2 stop bein hypocrit or grow up k
  6. ty.
  8. >>Is he? Most of every rage post is his (or with him in it). He seems retarded.  You guy's find him funny? lol.  
  9. >>Retarded little kids on the internet.. Claiming he's a troll.. So being an idiot, and not typing proper words is a troll now days, oh jeesh. IRC has went to hell.
  12. >>in his style of typing "bi skidz u dum kgo4321"

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