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Posted by lol hana from d4 on Monday 18th May 2009 07:52:08 - Never Expires
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  1. d4L#haиa: WDF
  2. d4L#haиa: ur blak
  3. d4L#haиa: n u tlak like that
  4. d4L# | hcteks: im black?
  5. d4L# | hcteks: ;>
  6. d4L# | hcteks: LOLL
  7. d4L# | hcteks: ubernub
  8. d4L# | hcteks: told u dat?
  9. d4L#haиa: yes
  10. d4L# | hcteks: ya..
  11. d4L# | hcteks: he jus jealous
  12. d4L#haиa: ur black?\
  13. d4L#haиa: yes
  14. d4L#haиa: or
  15. d4L# | hcteks: his dick aint big as mine
  16. d4L#haиa: no
  17. d4L#haиa: lmfao
  18. d4L#haиa: UR BLACK
  19. d4L#haиa: n u just
  20. d4L#haиa: WOW
  21. d4L#haиa: u make no sense
  22. d4L# | hcteks: wow.
  23. d4L# | hcteks: ur retarded nigger.
  24. d4L# | hcteks: u should be hung.
  25. d4L# | hcteks: im not black
  26. d4L# | hcteks: u idiot.
  27. d4L# | hcteks: i dont eat water melon
  28. d4L# | hcteks: nd fried chicken
  29. d4L# | hcteks: u greasy nigger
  30. d4L#haиa: woah
  31. d4L#haиa: u talk shit over the internet
  32. d4L#haиa: but i bet u cant say that to  black person in rl
  33. d4L# | hcteks: "Why dont niggers dream?"
  34. "We shot the last nigger who had a dream" - Whites in America!
  35. d4L#haиa: ..
  36. d4L# | hcteks: It's okay you little black-burnt child.
  37. d4L# | hcteks: Your race is only good for running, shooting, and stealing..
  38. d4L#haиa: u dont even kno me
  39. d4L# | hcteks: Just /wrist, and  put all you dead niggers on a rocket outta the U.S
  40. d4L# | hcteks: We'd be better.
  41. d4L#haиa: why r u sayin so much shit
  42. d4L# | hcteks: You guys made U.S in debt.
  43. d4L#haиa: we?
  44. d4L#haиa: OMG
  45. d4L#haиa: SHH
  46. d4L# | hcteks: Keep the niggers under the white ppl, da way dey deserve.
  47. d4L#haиa: i dont wanna tlak to u
  48. d4L#haиa: just su
  49. d4L# | hcteks: its ok little nigger.
  50. d4L# | hcteks: we dont love u
  51. d4L# | hcteks: will you hang ur self?
  52. <High latency detected between you and the server. Your last few messages may not have been received.>
  53. d4L# | hcteks: cause the only thing that looks good wit u is just a u hanging ur self next to an apple

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