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Posted by Anonymous on Monday 18th May 2009 21:14:30 - Never Expires
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  1. <+OperServ> rAsCaL, you have typed 896 letters! Estimated 179 words. Highest: Tricky (140265)
  2.                        <rAsCaL> highest :tricky
  3.                        <rAsCaL> holly shit that dude never shuts up!
  4.                       * rAsCaL: bitch slaps Tricky.
  5.                          <CyKa> lmao
  6. 04:14 pm               <rAsCaL> !fight Tricky
  7.                     <+OperServ> rAsCaL Thinks StatsBot,& Brian Should Gang Up On CyKa And Beat The Fuck Outta Them....
  8.                        <rAsCaL> i said tricky u nigger
  9.                          <CyKa> u could try
  10.                        <rAsCaL> CyKa.
  11.                        <rAsCaL> u couldn't handle statsbot.
  12.                          <CyKa> il prolly kick ur ass tho :)
  13.                        <rAsCaL> his old rusty bolts will fuck u up
  14.                        <rAsCaL> statsbot is a hard core
  15.                        <rAsCaL> og
  16.                        <rAsCaL> tats & all
  17.                        <rAsCaL> LOL
  18.                          <CyKa> who do u think licks his nuts fgs
  19.                        <rAsCaL> wow.
  20.                          <CyKa> :)
  21.                        <rAsCaL> ur nasty
  22.                        <rAsCaL> convo ended.
  23.                          <CyKa> tut

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