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Posted by DooM is raged on Wednesday 27th May 2009 18:56:10 - Never Expires
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  1. 01:48 pm                 <Sode> jas0n only underaged here go away. :)
  2.                        <jas0n-> i'm 17 pal
  3. 01:49 pm               <jas0n-> so u can
  4.                        <jas0n-> shove that up ur ass
  5.                        <jas0n-> u homo duck fukr
  6. 01:50 pm                 <Sode> mad homo. :)
  7. 01:50 pm               Nick [!] jas0n- is now known as _[J]ason
  8.                      <_[J]ason> i bet your name just means your gay
  9.                      <_[J]ason> you should just do /nick fel0ny-sode
  10.                      <_[J]ason> u'd fite rite in
  11.                          <Sode> Nah.
  12.                      <_[J]ason> ya
  13.                      <_[J]ason> o
  14.                          <Sode> I ain't fitting in that crew
  15.                      <_[J]ason> u rite
  16.                      <_[J]ason> fagfel0ny-sode
  17.                      <_[J]ason> ya
  18.                      <_[J]ason> dey fags
  19.                      <_[J]ason> u fit
  20.                      <_[J]ason> i promise
  21.                      <_[J]ason> dey hckrs on steriods
  22.                      <_[J]ason> leet nubs
  23. 01:51 pm             <_[J]ason> <:
  24.                          <Sode> Imma pirate.
  25.                      <_[J]ason> ur a nigger
  26.                      <_[J]ason> i shuld hang u like
  27.                      <_[J]ason> when i go to the states
  28.                      <_[J]ason> ima hang obama
  29.                      <_[J]ason> <:
  30.                          <Sode> Nah, you spelled it wrong. Pi-ra-te
  31.                      <_[J]ason> nou.
  32.                      <_[J]ason> a queer
  33.                          <Sode> I really thought you were from texas.
  34. 01:52 pm                <kl0wn> no broske
  35.                         <kl0wn> hes frm
  36.                         <kl0wn> aussie
  37.                         <kl0wn> lol
  38.                      <_[J]ason> lies
  39.                          <Sode> austria? or astralia?
  40.                      <_[J]ason> africa
  41.                      <_[J]ason> asstria
  42. 01:53 pm                 <Sode> I bet you just got the internet at gardmas upstairs and now you were exited about your new 1337 networking possibilities.
  43. 01:54 pm             <_[J]ason> ya
  44.                      <_[J]ason> das me
  45.                      <_[J]ason> my gmom spoils me
  46.                      <_[J]ason> to bad urs dont
  47.                      <_[J]ason> its ok
  48.                      <_[J]ason> u can /wrist
  49.                         <kl0wn> LOL
  50.                         <kl0wn> jason
  51.                        Kick [!] _[J]ason was kicked by DooM (Pissing me off is one of your skills (2))
  52.                         <kl0wn> <3
  53.                        Join [+] _[J]ason has joined the channel.
  54.                      <_[J]ason> wow doom
  55. 01:55 pm             <_[J]ason> u is a rage-queen
  56.                         <%DooM> not rly
  57.                      <_[J]ason> cnt take a joke fagit?
  58.                      <_[J]ason> u fel0ny too?
  59.                      <_[J]ason> all leet wit ur halfop?
  60.                      <_[J]ason> i dunt see nu rules
  61.                          <Sode> Jason you should behave and stop beeing a bucket.
  62.                      <_[J]ason> tht im not allowed to chat in here
  63.                      <_[J]ason> dnt abuse little dirtball faggit
  64.                         <%DooM> random kick broski
  65.                      <_[J]ason> tyvm
  66.                      <_[J]ason> now u can stfu
  67.                      <_[J]ason> k

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