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Posted by Rom anon on Tuesday 9th June 2009 23:31:39 - Never Expires
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  1.                           <hYp> WHY WONT U ANSWER ME
  2. 06:30 pm                  <hYp> u little ungrateful jew
  3.                           <hYp> go /wrist u emo faggot
  4.                           <hYp> or suck dick, i herd ur good at it
  5.                           <hYp> Romnous is looking for some
  6.                      <@droogie> 18:29 -!- Irssi: Unknown command: wrist
  7. * Disconnected
  8. * /privmsg: not connected to server (line 66, theme.mrc)
  9. * Not connected to server
  10. * Attempting to rejoin channel #anondox
  11.                                      You have joined #anondox
  12.                      —————————————————————————————————————————————————–––
  13.                      Topic is "http://www.anondox.com visit forums http://forum.anondox.com anyone using irc.anondox.org change to irc.anondox.com we're losing .org for a while kk thanks join #rage,#terogen kthx bai"
  14.                      Set By: wired on Wed Jun 09 at 07:39 am
  15.                      —————————————————————————————————————————————————–––
  16.                      <&kiyoura> lolol
  17.                        Join [+] Romnous has joined the channel.
  18.                        Mode [+] ADOX sets mode: +q Romnous
  19. 06:30 pm               Nick [!] tdaddy is now known as hyp
  20.                        Mode [+] ADOX sets mode: +o Xe0n
  21.                           <hyp> get mad
  22.                           <hyp> bu
  23.                           <hyp> t
  24.                           <hyp> yet again
  25.                           <hyp> um
  26.                      <~Romnous> kiyoura, you really think i need you for that?
  27.                           <hyp> as i was saying
  28.                      <@droogie> Xe0n: i said kiyoura is black and everyone went crazy
  29. 06:31 pm                  <hyp> Romnous is looking for some
  30.                           <hyp> along with
  31.                           <hyp> crazor
  32.                           <hyp> faagie to suk der diks
  33.                           <hyp> do ur job
  34.                           <hyp> now
  35.                         <@Xe0n> guys
  36.                           <hyp> inb4 oven
  37.                         <@Xe0n> it's kiyoura black
  38.                         <@Xe0n> get it right
  39.                         <@Xe0n> kiyoura > you
  40.                        Mode [+] Romnous sets mode: +b *!*an0n@*.9884140C.F97AB837.IP
  41.                        Kick [!] hyp was kicked by Romnous (Romnous)
  42.          > ^
  43. * Unable to join channel (address is banned)
  44. #anondox No external channel messages (#anondox)

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