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Posted by bribri on Tuesday 18th August 2009 04:43:39 - Never Expires
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  1. Brianna Lee McCall
  3. Basic Information
  6. Networks:
  7.     Boardman High School '08
  8.     Fort Lauderdale, FL
  9. Sex:
  10.     Female
  11. Birthday:
  12.     January 18, 1990
  13. Hometown:
  14.     Coral Springs, FL, Boardman, OH
  15. Relationship Status:
  16.     In a Relationship
  17. Interested In:
  18.     Men
  19. Looking For:
  20.     Friendship
  21.     Networking
  22. Political Views:
  23.     Other
  25. Personal Information
  28. Activities:
  29.     sleeping. eating. singing. guitar. other boring stuff...
  30. Interests:
  31.     music. modeling. acting. etc...
  32. Favorite Music:
  33.     incubus, emarosa, dance gavin dance, corsets are cages, fall of troy, senses fail, mudvayne, mushroomhead, chevelle, tool, evanescence, flyleaf, meg&dia, paramore, the beatles, the doors, sublime, seether, breaking benjamin, a perfect circle, the used, the secret handshake, saosin, owl city, a skylit drive, thrice, parkway drive, bless the fall, farewell to freeway, aiden, taking back sunday, madina lake, rascall flatts, brad paisley, kenny chesney, josh gracin, carrie underwood, kelly clarkson, daughtry, jojo, avril lavigne, alexisonfire, jordan sparks, chris brown, the lies of tomorrow, the calvary kids, scary kids scaring kids, cherry monroe, little big town, the wreckers, sara evans, faith hill and a million more.
  34. Favorite TV Shows:
  35.     family guy, Spongebob Square Pants
  36. Favorite Movies:
  37.     anything directed by tim burton. pans labrynth, the notebook
  38. Favorite Books:
  39.     wicked lovely-melissa marr, uglies series-scott westerfield, Twilight series
  40. Favorite Quotations:
  41.     no regrets, just lessons learned.
  42. About Me:
  43.     I love loyal friends and hate liars and people who act like your friend but completely forget about you when youre not around for a while and pretend like nothing ever happened even though they replaced you for someone else.... does that even make sense? fuck ittt.
  45.     RDM? im nice if you get to know me. im not misunderstood... youre just stupid. i like to be myself. if i dont like you, you'll know it. where i live sucks ass and i cant wait to move. id much rather be riding dirtbikes and doing keg stands in the middle of nowhere than sitting in the suburbs of hell. my family is my everything and so are my close friends.... if your a friend that has drifted from me.... rethink your relationship with me, because i guarantee its not what it used to be, and ill be the judge of it whether it goes back to what it was.... i miss alot of people but i wont tell you who they are. dont try to take advantage of me... i wont fall for that. my friends are my friends for a reason.... i picked them for a reason.... theyre still my friends because of those reasons.
  47.     thats really all i feel like typing right now...
  50.     oh and i love my guitar... not yours.
  53. Contact Information
  56. Email:
  57.         [email protected]
  59. Windows Live:
  60. AIM:
  61.     PsYcOgUiTaRcHiC

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