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Posted by lols on Monday 24th August 2009 23:57:03 - Never Expires
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  1. First off before you read this e-mail, I would like to apologize for any vulgar insults or swearing in the below links, etc.
  3. It has to come to my attention that there is a pending case against me...
  4. I am aware of this case through a post that was made on the "clubiscuous (sp?)" forums or the n00bs101 site.
  6. http://clubiscuous.com/forums/
  8. I received an image of this post through a fellow clan member:
  9. http://www.n3t-t3z.com/lolz.png
  11. Now there are many situations to this problem, first one being that I was not aware that I was banned from his site through another account, so I apologize for that. But I have stopped visiting the website after that. Also explains why I received the post from a friend and not getting it myself.
  13. http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/323/3rdbulletpp2.png
  14. In tha
  16. However, in the EULA of the forums or of his site, there is no rule against the use of multiple accounts.
  18. The person in charge at the moment is "GriMz" if that's spelled properly, he has be doing multiple things towards us.
  20. A) He was falsely accusing us of a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service attack) agaisnt his server
  22. 1. Threatening to talk to the ISP of one of my friends about a supposed ed DDoS when all he was talking about was the fact that his server was not hack proof. He was merely giving examples to the fact that sites that claim they are DDoS proof are not DDoS proof actually.
  23. http://img212.imageshack.us/img212/7312/ddos1ok0.png
  24. http://clubiscuous.com/forums/showthread.php?p=10115&highlight=ddos (If you have access to the forums.)
  26. 2. Quoting a post made by him, saying that we were responsible for the DDoS to his server (not site)
  27. His evidence to back that up was the fact that I stated I was able to produce my own programs through a programming language called C++ (CPP)
  28. http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/847/ddos21il1.png
  29. He has no server logs of a botnet going to back to me, and you don't have logs either because I am not the suspect in interest because it was neither me or zaqmek (fellow clan member)
  30. (I will also try to find the original post made by GriMz, however I may not be sucessful....)
  31. http://img136.imageshack.us/img136/1599/ddos2lk7.png
  33. Also, as a fact, near the beginning of this "forum thread" he says that we were unable to code anything ourselves and labeled us as script kiddies. The only problem is, in this post he clearly states that he thinks we are unable to code our own things, therefore destroying his claim to the DDoS.
  35. http://img53.imageshack.us/img53/1416/ddos22en9.png
  36. "im legit, and i use bleedshed dev myself for CPP, but no. you all aint coding shit, your nothing more than what i said."
  37. He also makes comments toward us as you would call it "harassing" remarks. Which is kind of hypocritcal I must add.
  39. He also makes comments to us that "defames us".
  40. http://www.n3t-t3z.com/media/tatootian/case/ddos4.png
  42. "the one with the big stupid mouth, even stupider than yours."
  44. _
  45. B) Unable to control the comments towards us, when it was suppose to be a friendly thread about the situation going on.
  47. From what I could tell by reading some of his posts, he stated that he was put in charge of the forums (I believe). Now as a moderator or administrator of the forums, it his duty to delete all vulgar remarks (as in the EULA it states that you should not be making such remarks towards other people, once again I believe. This goes for a lot of other forums too.)
  49. http://www.n3t-t3z.com/media/tatootian/case/memberinsult1.png
  50. "fuck [n3t-t3z], just fucken losers who hate!!!"
  52. http://img395.imageshack.us/img395/5051/memberinsult2im4.png
  53. "viper pwned him
  54. Grimz tore him a new asshole"
  56. This next one was by GriMz himself, the person who contacted you.
  57. http://img154.imageshack.us/img154/4783/memberinsult3vh2.png
  58. "thats what happens with shit for brains."
  60. This next one is ALSO by GriMz himself, the person who contacted you.
  61. http://img395.imageshack.us/img395/1240/memberinsult4zo7.png
  62. He also states that the problem is under control, which is was. We were unable to join back with Cafe, which is why we stopped. However I stopped because of that and because of the fact that you contacted me.
  63. Even after I have stopped
  65. According to the letter made by you to me, the letter states this:
  67.     what is happening here, is one of your users is wrecking havok with out
  68.     game servers, and we wish for it stopped, we pay 260$ for each server
  69.     and this guy has a steam cafe account, you ban him, he stops steam and
  70.     restarts it and then he has a whole new ID, you ban his IP and he resets
  71.     his modem, the next step is to ban your entire range for your ISP to
  72.     both n00bs 101 (the largest CSS community in the US) and also to
  73.     noobpowered.coms servers as well which will affect many many of your
  74.     users.
  75.     we pay 260$ a month for our dust 2 server, and he comes in and runs
  76.     people off hacking..
  79. Sympatico's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) states the following concering this type of abuse.
  81. ** Transmitting unsolicited messages which, in the sole judgement of Your Service Provider, cause significant disruption or elicit complaints from other Internet users.
  83. Now I have stopped this apparent "hacking" (although it's really cheating) on his GAME server. However he continues to persist in creating a problem.
  86. http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/9754/memberinsult5ej7.png
  87. "your a waste of oxygen."
  88. Once again by GriMz who contacted you.
  89.  "and you consider yourself a hacker LOL!!!!"
  90. He also persist to create a name for us as "hackers", however no where in that thread have we said we are hackers. We have merely stated that we "cheat". Cheating is not hacking.
  93. C) He also made a reference to having "federal contacts" and being able to talk to them doing things, what is this considered? A threat.
  95. http://img363.imageshack.us/img363/6097/informationyu7.png
  97. He also gave information from a WHOIS on my IP (or your IP, Bell in this case) which could be used for contacting my ISP for multiple reasons possibly for false accusations. And for an IP Range Scan, which could possibly reveal my IP address to hackers or black hats. Which raises a risk to my security as I may be vulnerable to attacks from hackers.
  99. He also said he had contacts in the DoJ, and made references to being able to use them (I believe, I need my friend to check thread out again).
  101. D) He also persisted in stating that I was going to experience "jail time" for what I've done. Which is not legal, because I have stated before: I have stopped "hacking" (cheating) on his server, the EULA states multiple accounts are allowed on the forums, and multiple other examples.

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