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Posted by PIRATE on Wednesday 16th September 2009 12:18:13 - Never Expires
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  1. The party strives to reform laws regarding copyright and patents. The agenda also includes support for a strengthening of the right to privacy, both on the Internet and in everyday life, and the transparency of state administration. The Party has intentionally chosen to be block independent on the traditional left-right scale to pursue their political agenda with all mainstream parties. The Pirate Party is the third largest party in Sweden in terms of membership. Its sudden popularity has given rise to parties with the same name and similar goals in Europe and worldwide.
  3. The Pirate Party’s declaration of principles outlines their political positions relative to Swedish law. The current version is V 3.2 Their current principles include:
  5.     * Overall: ”Promoting global legislation to facilitate the emerging information society”
  6.     * Copyright: “We claim that today’s copyright system is unbalanced” Hence their position that file sharing (e.g. music) should be decriminalized.
  7.     * Patent: “Privatized monopolies are one of society’s worst enemies.” Hence their position that patents are obsolete and should be gradually done away with. Regarding patents on pharmaceuticals, the Pirate Party proposes increasing government support for R&D to make up for loss of private R&D if there were no patent protection for innovation.[8]
  8.     * Personal Privacy: “All attempts to curtain these rights (e.g. privacy) must be questioned and met with powerful opposition.” Hence their position that anti-terror laws nullify due process and run the risk of being used as repressive tools.

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