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Posted by Anonymous on Thursday 22nd October 2009 00:46:12 - Never Expires
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  1. 07:39 pm            <[FDP]Josh> you rage to much wuat
  2.                  <+[myg0t]wuat> your gay too much
  3.                  <+[myg0t]wuat> fag
  4.                     <[FDP]Josh> i just want to find the link cuz it was like a great tutorial.
  5.                <@[myg0t]kthx0r> thnx
  6.                <@[myg0t]kthx0r> made it myself
  7.                     <[FDP]Josh> I know.
  8.                     <[FDP]Josh> XD now i can't fukin find it.
  9.                  <+[myg0t]wuat> because your fukin retarted
  10.                           <hYp> lolol
  11.                  <+[myg0t]wuat> faggot
  12. 07:40 pm                  <hYp> ^ is great
  13.                     <[FDP]Josh> my computer is getting an actualy gfx card. and a 250gb hd as well
  14.                           <hYp> he only says faggot
  15.                           <hYp> and retarded
  16.                           <hYp> he's a real rager.
  17.                           <hYp> [FDP]Josh. that make you happy?
  18.                  <+[myg0t]wuat> wow bro
  19.                  <+[myg0t]wuat> 250gigs
  20.                  <+[myg0t]wuat> thats huge
  21. 07:41 pm                  <hYp> like my dick
  22.                           <hYp> unlike wuats
  23.                  <+[myg0t]wuat> u wanna get haked fag
  24.                           <hYp> sure
  25.                           <hYp> leme see u [fag0t] try
  26.                  <+[myg0t]wuat> just did
  27.                  <+[myg0t]wuat> heh
  28.                  <+[myg0t]wuat> ownd
  29.                           <hYp> o rly
  30.                           <hYp> nice
  31.                           <hYp> like my background
  32.                           <hYp> i'm naked
  33.                           <hYp> stupid ass kid
  34. 07:42 pm                  <hYp> u new to the dicksuckin wannabe rage team?

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