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Posted by Blue The Noob on Tuesday 24th November 2009 05:32:21 - Never Expires
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  1. Basically this is blue, a noob from CS Cheatserver back in the day. As you can see, to this day, hes still the same noob (if you even know who the fuck he is). Hes very trolled at how he fails at life, and has come to try to take it out on me. Enjoy!
  3. ihk wrote, sup u nerd
  4. ihk wrote, tHe owns u
  5. ihk wrote, for ever remember that
  6. ihk wrote, bb
  7. Jimster480 wrote, ROFL
  8. Jimster480 wrote, your just so noob
  9. Jimster480 wrote, that its sad
  10. ihk wrote, lol
  11. Jimster480 wrote, that its been years
  12. Jimster480 wrote, and u still say the same shit
  13. Jimster480 wrote, bai
  14. ihk wrote, hey u know what.
  15. ihk wrote, tHe OWNS U MOTHAFCKA
  16. Jimster480 wrote, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  17. ihk wrote, so what has ur nerd ass been doing
  18. ihk wrote, still playin cs u nerd?
  19. Jimster480 wrote, not really
  20. Jimster480 wrote, i know you have though
  21. ihk wrote, nope
  22. Jimster480 wrote, yep
  23. Jimster480 wrote, dont even lie
  24. ihk wrote, wanna add me on steam?
  25. ihk wrote, i got less then 15 hours
  26. Jimster480 wrote, nope
  27. ihk wrote, Lol
  28. Jimster480 wrote, i dont use that gay shit
  29. Jimster480 wrote, steam community is for faggots
  30. ihk wrote, ok geek
  31. ihk wrote, i only play when fact0rx,FiRe!,thursday and them play legit scrims or w.e
  32. ihk wrote, i just hack in it LAWL
  33. ihk wrote, then leave
  34. Jimster480 wrote, only thing i do is make cheats now
  35. ihk wrote, u been doing that forever geek
  36. Jimster480 wrote, yea theirs money in it
  37. ihk wrote, lol wack money
  38. Jimster480 wrote, there*
  39. Jimster480 wrote, um
  40. Jimster480 wrote, ya ok
  41. Jimster480 wrote, when u go to ur sweatshop in the morning
  42. Jimster480 wrote, i go out with my friends
  43. ihk wrote, u dont make good income on ur shitty esp hack Lol
  44. Jimster480 wrote, you dont know anything at all
  46. --- Session started: November 24, 2009 12:02 AM
  48. ihk wrote, im not tripping kids lol
  49. ihk wrote, u know it i know it
  50. ihk wrote, i got more $$ than all u kids combined
  51. ihk wrote, anyone who was in tHe seen my paypal
  52. ihk wrote, bro i do exporet/import
  53. ihk wrote, jimster get over it
  54. ihk wrote, i ran u in CS
  55. ihk wrote, why cant that noob cs community admit it?
  56. ihk wrote, i was the best
  57. ihk wrote, i beat everyone my clan destroyed everyone
  58. ihk wrote, ur just jealous
  59. ihk wrote, tHe OWNS U
  60. ihk wrote, u should put it on ur hacks .. tHe owns me - Jimster4homo
  61. ihk wrote, admit it jimster
  62. ihk wrote, i was the best
  63. ihk wrote, I AM TE BEST
  64. ihk wrote, i destroyed all
  65. ihk wrote, u jealous?
  66. Jimster480 wrote, LOLOL
  67. ihk wrote, whats funny
  68. Jimster480 wrote, you were the worst ever
  69. Jimster480 wrote, you have no skill
  70. ihk wrote, how was i the worst?
  71. ihk wrote, LOL
  72. ihk wrote, i was always on top
  73. Jimster480 wrote, not really
  74. ihk wrote, rank 1. best ratio i beat everyoen 1 v 1
  75. ihk wrote, never lost in a clan match
  76. Jimster480 wrote, you just had a good connection
  77. ihk wrote, GTFO noobs
  78. Jimster480 wrote, and you overspeeded
  79. ihk wrote, good connection?
  80. ihk wrote, hey scrub
  81. Jimster480 wrote, you were a noob
  82. Jimster480 wrote, and you still are a noob
  83. ihk wrote, i used AT&T DSL 3.0 MB download speed
  84. Jimster480 wrote, i think of everyone
  85. Jimster480 wrote, you have gone nowhere
  86. ihk wrote, i used 1.87 aspeed
  87. ihk wrote, 2.0 speed
  88. Jimster480 wrote, over all these years
  89. Jimster480 wrote, ya sure
  90. ihk wrote, Lol
  91. ihk wrote, ur mad
  92. Jimster480 wrote, im not mad at all actually
  93. Jimster480 wrote, i just find u to be very funny
  94. ihk wrote, ur mad i own u
  95. Jimster480 wrote, because you have nothing to show
  96. Jimster480 wrote, after all this time
  97. ihk wrote, show?
  98. ihk wrote, and u do
  99. ihk wrote, ur a nobody
  100. ihk wrote, eveyrone owned u in cs
  101. Jimster480 wrote, ya ok
  102. Jimster480 wrote, im a nobody
  103. ihk wrote, stick to coding kid u cant cut it against pros
  104. Jimster480 wrote, there are no pros
  105. Jimster480 wrote, in cheatserver hacking
  106. ihk wrote, me kid
  107. Jimster480 wrote, ya did you get paid
  108. Jimster480 wrote, no
  109. Jimster480 wrote, so gtfo
  110. ihk wrote, i r pro niguh
  111. Jimster480 wrote, your just a noob man
  112. ihk wrote, ur jealous
  113. Jimster480 wrote, not only can you not play
  114. Jimster480 wrote, but you cant code
  115. Jimster480 wrote, and your site
  116. Jimster480 wrote, clan
  117. Jimster480 wrote, life
  118. ihk wrote, half the community was on my dick
  119. Jimster480 wrote, all failed
  120. Jimster480 wrote, the community of
  121. Jimster480 wrote, 12 people
  122. Jimster480 wrote, ?
  123. ihk wrote, LOL
  124. ihk wrote, u mad
  125. ihk wrote, cs is dead now u kid
  126. ihk wrote, been dead for ages
  127. Jimster480 wrote, becuaes nobody plays cheatserver
  128. Jimster480 wrote, nobody even did
  129. ihk wrote, ur mad kid
  130. Jimster480 wrote, back wen i played
  131. Jimster480 wrote, there was like
  132. ihk wrote, ur mad UR MAD
  133. Jimster480 wrote, 30 people
  134. ihk wrote, i owned u
  135. ihk wrote, u wish u was on my level
  136. Jimster480 wrote, actually im not mad at all
  137. ihk wrote, i ran 1.3 CS
  138. ihk wrote, i ran 1.6
  139. Jimster480 wrote, sad thing is
  140. Jimster480 wrote, that you ran
  141. ihk wrote, get over it
  142. Jimster480 wrote, nothing at all
  143. Jimster480 wrote, you didnt even have a server
  144. ihk wrote, I RAN 1.3 and RAN 1.6
  145. Jimster480 wrote, and your forum was a fail
  146. Jimster480 wrote, grow up and get a life
  147. Jimster480 wrote, like everyone else did
  148. ihk wrote, actually we did have a tHe server kid
  149. ihk wrote, and i had admins to every server u forget?
  150. ihk wrote, get over it kid i ran u
  151. Jimster480 wrote, if you forget
  152. Jimster480 wrote, you didnt
  153. Jimster480 wrote, but after all your a idiot anyway
  154. ihk wrote, what some noob HS server?
  155. ihk wrote, lol i dont give a fck about that shit
  156. Jimster480 wrote, so i wouldnt expect you to have a recollection of what happend
  157. Jimster480 wrote, um
  158. Jimster480 wrote, basiclaly
  159. ihk wrote, starscream offered me it
  160. Jimster480 wrote, you think that
  161. ihk wrote, but i said fck that kid
  162. ihk wrote, Lol
  163. ihk wrote, we raged em
  164. Jimster480 wrote, if people didnt give you access
  165. Jimster480 wrote, that it was noob
  166. Jimster480 wrote, when really
  167. Jimster480 wrote, you were just a noob
  168. ihk wrote, u mad
  169. Jimster480 wrote, and now that CS is dead
  170. ihk wrote, thats why nobody could beat me right?
  171. Jimster480 wrote, you have no friends
  172. Jimster480 wrote, and you still have no friends
  173. ihk wrote, im actually sitting in vent with fact0rx
  174. Jimster480 wrote, because your a idiot
  175. ihk wrote, FiRe!!
  176. ihk wrote, thursday
  177. ihk wrote, and couple other nigs
  178. Jimster480 wrote, oh wow
  179. ihk wrote, come to vent
  180. Jimster480 wrote, why
  181. ihk wrote, tHe still alive u idiot
  182. ihk wrote, just not in hacking
  183. Jimster480 wrote, i dont want to talk to you idiots
  184. ihk wrote, Lol ur bad kid
  185. Jimster480 wrote, yea so in nothing
  186. Jimster480 wrote, ?
  187. Jimster480 wrote, u have been so small
  188. Jimster480 wrote, that nobody has heard about you
  189. ihk wrote, jimster ur a nobody
  190. Jimster480 wrote, since the days of Cheatserver
  191. Jimster480 wrote, ya ok
  192. ihk wrote, nobody remems u in hacking
  193. Jimster480 wrote, go on any cheating forum in the world
  194. ihk wrote, like seriously have u ever got a even score?
  195. Jimster480 wrote, they know my name
  196. ihk wrote, dood coding is for lames
  197. ihk wrote, u got some random noos who never hacked in their lives
  198. ihk wrote, loving ur dick
  199. Jimster480 wrote, then your the gayest kid on the planet.
  200. ihk wrote, ROFL and u talking shit?
  201. Jimster480 wrote, because you claim you were good at what
  202. ihk wrote, ahhahahah at this kid
  203. Jimster480 wrote, using cheats that other people coded?
  204. ihk wrote, and who was then?
  205. ihk wrote, WHO WAS GOOD
  206. Jimster480 wrote, so basically
  207. Jimster480 wrote, you are NOTHING
  208. ihk wrote, who could beat me
  209. ihk wrote, exactly
  210. ihk wrote, gtfo
  211. Jimster480 wrote, anyone could beat you
  212. ihk wrote, u cant name 1 person who has ever beat me
  213. ihk wrote, ahahha
  214. Jimster480 wrote, even tyler
  215. Jimster480 wrote, was better than you
  216. ihk wrote, dont u remember?
  217. ihk wrote, go ask around i did a 1 v 1 against tyler
  218. Jimster480 wrote, you dont remember anything
  219. ihk wrote, u bad kid
  220. Jimster480 wrote, ask around where?
  221. ihk wrote, i won
  222. Jimster480 wrote, your 3 friends?
  223. ihk wrote, i beat XeRo
  224. ihk wrote, i beat everyone
  225. ihk wrote, get over it
  226. Jimster480 wrote, you beat nobody
  227. Jimster480 wrote, at a game
  228. ihk wrote, u mad
  229. ihk wrote, ahahhaha
  230. Jimster480 wrote, that meant nothing
  231. ihk wrote, jimster ur a NOBODY
  232. Jimster480 wrote, thats how sad you are
  233. Jimster480 wrote, your the one who is a nobody
  234. ihk wrote, u sell hacks to randoms who cheat in p ubs
  235. Jimster480 wrote, go ask around
  236. Jimster480 wrote, and see
  237. ihk wrote, and u think ur some hacking legend
  238. ihk wrote, LOL
  239. Jimster480 wrote, who the fuck knows your name
  240. Jimster480 wrote, becuaes nobody knows your name
  242. Jimster480 wrote, noob
  245. ihk wrote, i could expose ur lame ass on ur little cheatin forums
  246. ihk wrote, i have SS u wack noobs
  247. ihk wrote, u use to beg ppl for hacks
  248. ihk wrote, GTFO u kid
  249. ihk wrote, and dont act like u never did
  250. ihk wrote, i have logs i keep everything u use to ask me for my vecs also
  251. ihk wrote, and ask umm smalls or someone else i forgot for hacks
  252. ihk wrote, u bad fcking kid dont be comin at me saying im noob
  253. ihk wrote, yea shut the fck up u randy think ur somebody know? cuz u coded some lame super wall esp hack? that noobs use in pubs u think ur cool
  254. Jimster480 wrote, ya ok
  255. ihk wrote, lol
  256. Jimster480 wrote, you know what you did?
  257. Jimster480 wrote, play on a cheatserver
  258. Jimster480 wrote, with 20 other people
  259. Jimster480 wrote, thats your whole experience
  260. Jimster480 wrote, in life
  261. ihk wrote, thats all u can say becuz everything i said above is true
  262. Jimster480 wrote, i have the largest cheats
  263. ihk wrote, u mad kid
  264. Jimster480 wrote, in the world
  265. Jimster480 wrote, with over 1 million downloads
  266. ihk wrote, UR MAD KID
  267. Jimster480 wrote, from everywhere in the world
  268. ihk wrote, everything i said above is true
  269. Jimster480 wrote, you are just the biggest fucking noob
  270. ihk wrote, u use to beg
  271. ihk wrote, me
  272. Jimster480 wrote, that god ever created
  273. Jimster480 wrote, i never begged to you for shit
  274. Jimster480 wrote, i always thought you were a noob
  275. ihk wrote, u never asked me for vecs?
  276. ihk wrote, oh c mon noob
  277. Jimster480 wrote, just like i do now
  278. ihk wrote, dont lie
  279. Jimster480 wrote, no man
  280. ihk wrote, LOL
  281. Jimster480 wrote, i never did
  282. ihk wrote, this kid lies so much
  283. Jimster480 wrote, if you remember
  284. Jimster480 wrote, you were trying to get
  285. Jimster480 wrote, my source
  286. ihk wrote, u use to ask other ppl for hacks
  287. Jimster480 wrote, you fucking ppussy
  288. Jimster480 wrote, but see
  289. ihk wrote, didnt u get exposed on the forums also?
  290. Jimster480 wrote, you have a retard way of thinking of things
  291. ihk wrote, for renaming a source
  292. Jimster480 wrote, exposed?
  293. ihk wrote, and i exposed u
  294. ihk wrote, or was that some other tard
  295. Jimster480 wrote, ya you exposed nothing
  296. Jimster480 wrote, your just a idiot
  297. ihk wrote, was probably u i thikn i gotta look thru the old archives
  298. Jimster480 wrote, because my sources were never available
  299. ihk wrote, LOL u renamed something everyone clowned u
  300. ihk wrote, i think it was ur someone else
  301. ihk wrote, u or*
  302. Jimster480 wrote, yea it def wasnt me
  303. ihk wrote, ill look later
  304. Jimster480 wrote, and you cant talk about
  305. Jimster480 wrote, hacks
  306. Jimster480 wrote, pussy
  307. Jimster480 wrote, because what did you use
  308. Jimster480 wrote, ?
  309. ihk wrote, Jimster so ur saying
  310. ihk wrote, if cs hacking was alive we would 1 v 1
  311. Jimster480 wrote, because you cant even write a line of code
  312. ihk wrote, u could beat me?
  313. Jimster480 wrote, to save your life
  314. ihk wrote, could u?
  315. ihk wrote, exactly sit down
  316. Jimster480 wrote, im saying that i wouldnt give a fuck either way about a fucking game
  317. ihk wrote, who cares about coding IT ALL AMTTERS ABOUT WHO WINS U FCKIN NERD
  318. Jimster480 wrote, i know that your only like
  319. Jimster480 wrote, 14 now
  320. Jimster480 wrote, but basiclaly
  321. ihk wrote, cs is a game
  322. Jimster480 wrote, all the rest of us
  323. Jimster480 wrote, have grown up
  324. Jimster480 wrote, and have lives
  325. ihk wrote, im 14 right?
  326. Jimster480 wrote, and i know you dont
  327. ihk wrote, Lol
  328. ihk wrote, so i ran a clan when i was 10?
  329. Jimster480 wrote, because your a little scrub
  330. Jimster480 wrote, you actually ran nothing
  331. ihk wrote, damn u got owned by a 10 year old
  332. ihk wrote, ROFL
  333. Jimster480 wrote, if you remember right
  334. Jimster480 wrote, you ran nothing
  335. ihk wrote, u GOT ROLLD BY A 10 year OLD
  336. ihk wrote, LOL u mad?
  337. Jimster480 wrote, i played on a shit wireless connection
  338. Jimster480 wrote, and ya
  339. ihk wrote, u act like it matters
  340. ihk wrote, like u could beat me
  341. ihk wrote, if u were on stable connecction
  342. Jimster480 wrote, if cheatservers and everything were alive today
  343. Jimster480 wrote, i would roll you
  344. Jimster480 wrote, so disgusting
  345. ihk wrote, ROFL this kid
  346. Jimster480 wrote, that you would have no idea
  347. ihk wrote, why do u talk out ur ass
  348. Jimster480 wrote, and you would kill yourself
  349. ihk wrote, we laffin at u in vent
  350. Jimster480 wrote, your the one
  351. Jimster480 wrote, who spews shit
  352. ihk wrote, u know im better
  353. ihk wrote, everyone does
  354. ihk wrote, Lol
  355. ihk wrote, whoever played cs hacking
  356. ihk wrote, hey kid when that cs pro mod comes out
  357. ihk wrote, hopefully hacking comes back
  358. Jimster480 wrote, ROFL
  359. ihk wrote, and u can show me how u would roll me
  360. Jimster480 wrote, i bet you sit there every day
  361. Jimster480 wrote, and hope for that day
  362. ihk wrote, ok?
  363. ihk wrote, ahahha
  364. ihk wrote, u wont come in
  365. Jimster480 wrote, because thats all you think you have in life
  366. ihk wrote, cuz u scared of me
  367. ihk wrote, ahahhaha
  368. Jimster480 wrote, nah on that day
  369. Jimster480 wrote, ill just have your server
  370. Jimster480 wrote, and your whole network
  371. ihk wrote, im the best
  372. Jimster480 wrote, including you
  373. Jimster480 wrote, dropped
  374. Jimster480 wrote, permaently
  375. ihk wrote, Jimster
  376. ihk wrote, come to my vent
  377. Jimster480 wrote, nope
  378. ihk wrote, ill promise u u will get dropped
  379. ihk wrote, right now
  380. ihk wrote, lol threating me?
  381. ihk wrote, ioll come to ur vent
  382. Jimster480 wrote, ROFL
  383. Jimster480 wrote, ROFL
  384. ihk wrote, drop me
  385. ihk wrote, DROP ME
  386. Jimster480 wrote, so you can get my IP?
  387. ihk wrote, ill come where ever u want
  388. Jimster480 wrote, im not a noob
  389. ihk wrote, u come to my evnt too
  390. Jimster480 wrote, you fucking retard
  391. ihk wrote, u fckin fail u couldnt drop me
  392. Jimster480 wrote, um
  393. Jimster480 wrote, ya sure
  394. Jimster480 wrote, come on my IRC network
  395. Jimster480 wrote, and ima laugh
  396. ihk wrote, u bads
  397. Jimster480 wrote, as you come with a proxy
  398. ihk wrote, Jimster u fail
  399. Jimster480 wrote, because your the same pussy
  400. Jimster480 wrote, you have been
  401. Jimster480 wrote, since 3 -4 years ago
  402. Jimster480 wrote, a kid
  403. Jimster480 wrote, who doesnt konw anything
  404. Jimster480 wrote, about anything
  406. --- Session started: November 24, 2009 12:17 AM
  408. ihk wrote, ur mad cuz u couldnt kill me
  409. ihk wrote, LOL
  410. ihk wrote, Jimster get over it
  411. ihk wrote, ur mad cuz im the best
  412. ihk wrote, so only ting u could do is code
  413. ihk wrote, Ur mad cuz i banned u in game
  414. ihk wrote, learn to code and sell hacks
  415. ihk wrote, losers like u sit their bveing caddies or instructors
  416. ihk wrote, cuz u couldnt cut it
  417. ihk wrote, as a pro
  418. ihk wrote, u nub thats why u code u couldnt cut it in cs hacking
  419. Jimster480 wrote, come in IRC
  420. Jimster480 wrote, so you can get trolled
  421. Jimster480 wrote, noob
  422. ihk wrote, dont wrry though must good coders (btw im not saying ur a good coder)
  423. ihk wrote, suxed at cs hacking
  424. ihk wrote, all the way from 1.3
  425. ihk wrote, i remember ragin u kids in game all the time who released good hacks
  426. ihk wrote, LOL
  427. Jimster480 wrote, i never really got raged
  428. Jimster480 wrote, because i never really cared
  429. ihk wrote, UR MAD
  430. Jimster480 wrote, it was always about
  431. Jimster480 wrote, making cheats
  432. Jimster480 wrote, more than playing the game
  433. ihk wrote, if u didnt care u wouldnt be talkin to me this LONG
  434. ihk wrote, UR MAD
  435. ihk wrote, get the fck over it
  436. Jimster480 wrote, nah im just bored
  437. Jimster480 wrote, and was talkin to my friends on skype
  438. ihk wrote, u nerd tyrin to prove u dont care but constantly tellin me it
  439. Jimster480 wrote, and we were laughing
  440. ihk wrote, psychologly dumb fck
  441. ihk wrote, ur mad
  442. ihk wrote, get over it
  443. Jimster480 wrote, at how ur pretty dumb
  444. Jimster480 wrote, and guess what
  445. ihk wrote, "at how ur pretty dumb"
  446. Jimster480 wrote, nobody remembered you
  447. ihk wrote, LOL
  448. ihk wrote, "AT HOW UR PRETTY DUMB"
  449. ihk wrote, nice
  450. Jimster480 wrote, come to 0v1.org
  451. Jimster480 wrote, if you have balls
  452. Jimster480 wrote, im done with you
  453. Jimster480 wrote, i have omre important things to do
  454. Jimster480 wrote, and some money to make
  455. ihk wrote, Hi im jimster im a nerd i have no life i stay on my pc all day and code but yet i call ppl nerds
  456. ihk wrote, LOL
  457. Jimster480 wrote, nice chat though
  458. ihk wrote, ur fat
  459. ihk wrote, and a nerd
  460. ihk wrote, u sit on ur pc all day coding and talkin about no life?
  461. ihk wrote, lol
  462. ihk wrote, wow
  463. ihk wrote, get some sun kid
  464. ihk wrote, ugly kid

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