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Posted by ukrane rage on Wednesday 30th December 2009 21:59:17 - Never Expires
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  1. You: hi
  2. Stranger: о, русский
  3. You: wtf
  4. Stranger: wtf you from?
  5. You: UK
  6. Stranger: oh shi-
  7. You: you are russian
  8. Stranger: not)
  9. You: i can tell by your wallpaper
  10. Stranger: im ukrainian
  11. You: same thing
  12. Stranger: flowers?
  13. You: yeh
  14. You: my wallpaper is white
  15. Stranger: without any pattern
  16. Stranger: fffuuu
  17. You: ukrane sucks in eurovision
  18. You: they always win with crap songs
  19. Stranger: Loboda?
  20. Stranger: Ruslana?
  21. You: and all the neighbor countries vote for them or they will declare war
  22. Stranger: Ou.. eurovision it's a holly shit
  23. You: yes
  24. Stranger: last time i only loved denmark
  25. You: ukrane always wins
  26. Stranger: no.
  27. Stranger: Rubak
  28. Stranger: from russia
  29. You: yeh
  30. You: russia is also cool
  31. You: they have snow
  32. Stranger: he is gay
  33. You: ukrane is a bit boring isnt it?
  34. Stranger: oh no...
  35. You: not very rich?
  36. Stranger: snow it's so cool>
  37. Stranger: ?
  38. Stranger: sometimes... people who think so, bored and not reach
  39. Stranger: but if you in goverment
  40. Stranger: and stole country's money
  41. You: but i would want to go to russia than ukrane
  42. You: i dont even know where ukrane is
  43. You: near spain?
  44. Stranger: it's some southern than rossia
  45. Stranger: russia
  46. Stranger: near turkey, moldova
  47. You: ok
  48. Stranger: black sea, also
  49. You: on the border or europe
  50. Stranger: in the center
  51. Stranger: europe
  52. Stranger: russia it's a shit too
  53. You: turkey isnt in europe
  54. Stranger: saints-petersburg, for example
  55. Stranger: in russia i love small towns
  56. You: there is lots of insest there?
  57. Stranger: insest?
  58. You: i dont know your language :D
  59. Stranger: insest its a type of sex)
  60. Stranger: mother+son
  61. You: yes
  62. Stranger: or Grandfather with
  63. You: Сім'я Секс
  64. Stranger: ЩИТО
  65. You: all the people in russian small towns are retared
  66. Stranger: откуда у тебя рпусский\
  67. Stranger: retared? Stupid you mean?
  68. You: yes
  69. You: born with no arms
  70. You: i mean this: сповільнювати
  71. Stranger: maybe.. and in big towns � angry
  72. Stranger: they eat you
  73. You: no but in ukrane and russia there is lots of insest
  74. Stranger: don't love you
  75. Stranger: look at you like you are a crap
  76. Stranger: i don't know...
  77. Stranger: one time, when i was youn
  78. Stranger: g
  79. Stranger: in online chat � one woman proposed me to fuck
  80. Stranger: (woman was 30)
  81. You: how old were you?
  82. Stranger: fffuuu
  83. You: 4?
  84. Stranger: 15, nearly
  85. Stranger: nnooo
  86. Stranger: it CP
  87. You: rape
  88. Stranger: sha said that she fuck his son every day
  89. You: google translator says згвалтування
  90. Stranger: rape?
  91. Stranger: rape?
  92. Stranger: never seen rape in video
  93. Stranger: and necrofilia too
  94. Stranger: fffuuu
  95. You: i thought you would have
  96. You: you are from ukrane
  97. Stranger: what?
  98. You: it happens in streets there?
  99. You: how old do you have to be to have sex?
  100. You: 10?
  101. Stranger: nnooo
  102. Stranger: 16
  103. Stranger: thus who have at 10, have nothing
  104. Stranger: it was after shool
  105. You: ok
  106. Stranger: i was drunk
  107. Stranger: and meet girl
  108. You: same
  109. Stranger: dont remember details
  110. Stranger: 16?
  111. You: too drunk xD
  112. You: yeh
  113. Stranger: and then she questioned - don't you broke a condom?
  114. You: that is bad
  115. Stranger: and i dont remember
  116. You: did you?
  117. You: you are a dad now?
  118. You: :D
  119. Stranger: nnoo
  120. Stranger: nnooo
  121. Stranger: it will be so frustrating
  122. You: yes
  123. Stranger: i want to fuck and dont have a child
  124. You: who doesnt mate
  125. Stranger: till time i dont want them
  126. You: you playa

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