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Posted by Vdub Tards on Monday 5th April 2010 03:37:09 - Never Expires
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  1. John Philip von Haussen Test drove the GTI ♥
  2. Yesterday at 2:57pm via Mobile Web � Comment � Like
  3. 4 people like this.
  5. James Iovino and? did you realize that it was slow?
  6. Yesterday at 3:50pm �
  8. John Philip von Haussen You're mad annoying kid. You know that?
  9. Yesterday at 3:53pm
  11. James Iovino are you raged because im right?
  12. Yesterday at 3:54pm �
  14. John Philip von Haussen Noo you're just so annoying! Have you realized that?
  15. Yesterday at 4:14pm
  17. Rene Vila what swap do you have in your honda cause if you have a 97 ex like you claim dude.. 1. Your either lying your making 300whp and 2. Your spraying if you are or u have a swap...
  18. Yesterday at 5:36pm
  20. James Iovino It has a built D16 on boost. And FYI no swap makes 300HP. Swaps are just utterly worthless as the best swap only makes 220HP, unless you want to do fab work for a J Swap.
  21. Yesterday at 11:17pm �
  23. Rene Vila Not really a honda guy or fan so I wouldn't know what makes what. Just know i would never own one.
  24. 22 hours ago
  26. James Iovino Ofcourse you wouldnt. You just buy "upgrade" turbo kits. And bolt them on. What would you know about building a car?
  27. 22 hours ago �
  29. Rene Vila actually would know a lot about them. but i don't think building a honda is actually building a car if you can even call it a car. lol.. Build me a 1969 fast back w/ a 452 old ford motor. Build motor making 500whp.. Then we can talkk
  30. 22 hours ago
  32. Rene Vila and the only upgrade turbo kit for a gti is a ko4 you don't even have to build the motor.. and it will make 375hp all day long.
  33. 22 hours ago
  35. Rene Vila unless your talking a 6062 trim which is silly cause it takes forever and a day to spool unless your running fucking 60 and 90 rolls
  36. 22 hours ago
  38. John Philip von Haussen James just forget about it cause I think Rene will keep making you look like an idiot.
  39. 22 hours ago
  41. James Iovino a 6062 isnt a trim. Its a turbo. And No its not a Precision 6062.
  42. You talk about building Honda's and yet your fucking around with that german trash. The only "upgrade" that you have, costs more money than my whole build. And yet I still make more power. And not only that but my current turbo isn't anywhere near maxed out. I can push another 10PSI...
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  44. 22 hours ago �
  46. James Iovino John rene isnt making anyone but himself look like an idiot. he doesnt even know shit about turbo sizes. Which is typical of people who own cars where you just buy bolt on kits.
  47. 22 hours ago �
  49. Rene Vila lol german trash? ever seen a honda on the autobahn?
  50. 21 hours ago
  52. Rene Vila oh ok i don't know shit.. yet i know two cars running 6062s.
  53. 21 hours ago
  55. Rene Vila the day a honda is seen on the autobahn we'll talk.. german people obviously know what there doing.. they don't drive garbage..
  56. 21 hours ago
  58. Rene Vila and who the fuck are you calling an idiot? I dont know you. you don't know me. Just cause you swear by your honda crap and I drive a german car that apparently ur jealous by implying we have bolt on turbos doesn't mean you have to get all sandy..
  59. 21 hours ago
  61. Rene Vila you know your car i know mine.. and i know damn right i'd never drive a honda. they gave me a honda rental when my i totaled my jetta. I didn't even drive it.. i felt disgusted. the interior is crap, the way it drives is garbage.. i felt lke it was going to fall apart on the hwy.. and it was an 08.. jesus..
  62. 21 hours ago
  64. John Philip von Haussen lmaoo that's true! the only honda i've really seen on the autobahn is the s2k and that's pretty much all.
  65. 21 hours ago
  67. Rene Vila i've witnessed with my 2 own eyes a 08 vw passat stock park a s2k.. and the guy in the passat had a desk and books in the trunk.
  68. 21 hours ago
  70. James Iovino im not jealous of bolt on turbo scrubs. If you didnt own a bolt on car maybe you would actually know about cars. And the autobahn is a big fucking road in the middle of Europe that nobody here gives a fuck about. This is the USA, not fucking Germany. VW's are cheap inside and out, yet their prices arent. They are not good on gas, and they are ...
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  72. 21 hours ago �
  74. Rene Vila Lmao not good on gas? Interior and exterior bad? Dude what are you smoking? Some good shit huh... My car next to a new si will shit on it at an auto show.. I have 2k into my gti.. and only spent 500 on the tune. everything else has been suspension and wheels.
  75. 21 hours ago
  77. James Iovino ROFL where did you get your stage 2 kit then? Because I just checked online and the cheapest stage 2 kit I found was 3k
  78. 21 hours ago �
  80. Rene Vila stg 2 tune .. direct port programming by unitronic..
  81. 21 hours ago
  83. Rene Vila our cars have computers idk about yours.
  84. 21 hours ago
  86. James Iovino So your running stock everything except for a "tune" and you say your making 280WHP. Somehow I seriously doubt that they built the car with a turbo that can push out more than 100WHP more than it has stock.
  87. 21 hours ago �
  89. Brandon Tallale every honda i see on the road is covered in primer. right in front of them are clean vdubs. haha
  90. 21 hours ago
  92. Rene Vila Its deff possible.. lol.. going from 10lbs of boost to 20 lbs makes a difference..
  93. 21 hours ago
  95. Brandon Tallale is your honda low??? yea? you must have cut the springs
  96. 21 hours ago
  98. Rene Vila lmaoooo
  99. 21 hours ago
  101. Brandon Tallale www.unitronic.ca numbers dont lie
  102. 21 hours ago
  104. Rene Vila man cut springs are the shit.. love bouncing around.. you remember those weed wackers at okee brandon?
  105. 21 hours ago
  107. Brandon Tallale hahaha. we cld eat rice for years out there
  108. 21 hours ago
  110. Rene Vila lmao.
  111. 21 hours ago
  113. Brandon Tallale the cheapest kit for stg2 was 3k??? what search engine are you on?? a JDM slow one?? stg2 only means a tune. no kit
  114. 21 hours ago
  116. James Iovino So your running stock everything except for a "tune" and you say your making 280WHP. Somehow I seriously doubt that they built the car with a turbo that can push out more than 100WHP more than it has stock.
  118. Clean is for faggot ricers. Just like car shows are for people who cant build cars and cant drive them. I see plenty of "clean" honda's ...
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  120. 21 hours ago �
  122. Rene Vila i dynoed at 207hp and 215 tq stock to the wheel. no intake nothing.. so its not 100 whp more
  123. 21 hours ago
  125. Rene Vila and i know for sure im making 280+.. a gti that didn't have the final revised tune gti made 281 to the wheel and 305 tq .. just with a tune and downpipe.. .. with a full exhaust intercooler you'll easily make 300 up top.
  126. 21 hours ago
  128. Brandon Tallale rene maybe hes right.we shld sell our cars and buy hondas. maybe 2 ek hatch's. no one has those
  129. 21 hours ago
  131. Rene Vila yea we'll be so orginal rolling around with everyone else and there god damn mom who drives hondas.. sounds good. im going to put mine up for sale right now.. dude even honda owners come up to me and praise my ride.. i break neck where ever i go and yes im cocky as fuck about it cause im not going to lie i drive a bad ass looking car... but i do run into the typical honda guys.
  132. 21 hours ago
  134. Brandon Tallale you must be bff with cafe receccion. gettin pastelitos all day
  135. 21 hours ago
  137. Rene Vila recession si.. parked by a bolt on ko4 kit.. opps bolt on.. here comes the sandyness
  138. 21 hours ago
  140. James Iovino ROFL break neck for a stock ass GTI? What are they saying, oh man thats some stock ass shit. Please kid get a life.
  141. You dont konw shit for sure unless you dyno it. And the car comes with 200HP so how did you dyno at 207WHP? Sounds like pure bullshit to me.
  142. And I see I've picked up another Vdub fag here. Why dont we just head to the track in a few weeks and you can talk your shit there. When you both get rolled you have to admit that GTI's suck.
  143. 21 hours ago �
  145. Rene Vila Want me to scan the dyno sheet so you can see it and you can quit bitchin like a typical honda owner. And yea apparently you've never seen my car.. but it sure makes your shit look like a rust bucket.. oh wait nvm you don't even need to put my car next yours to make it look like that.. bro seriously lay off the crack pipe..
  146. 20 hours ago
  148. Rene Vila http://www.flickr.com/photos/45881122@N05/4461813808/ .... cry yourself to sleep bro.. hit you crack pipe before you got to bed too.. maybe you can dream of having something as nice one day.
  149. 20 hours ago
  151. James Iovino ROFL I saw your pic's of your shitty fucking GTI. It looks stock as fuck with some horrible wheels. Please kid. And my car has 0% rust so yea, your a typical Vdub tard. And scanning a dyno sheet doesnt mean shit, because it doesnt list what you have on the car.
  152. 20 hours ago �
  154. Brandon Tallale both of our gti's are far from stock cosmeticaly. far from stock. I think i smell some nervous jdm bacalow. even IF your car is faster than either of ours it will never look remotely a good. when ppl look at your car its just another honda thats burning a pot of rice and primered out. dont worry.....one day youll have enough $ for a mako paint job
  155. 20 hours ago
  157. James Iovino ROFL You have never seen my car. And your cars are fucking ugly as fuck. I have nothing JDM on my car, because like I said, "clean" is for pussies. Car shows are for bigger pussies who can't drive, nor build cars. Personally that body style of GTI that you have is just the ugliest bubble piece of shit ever. The older GTI's were 100x nicer than those heavy pieces of shit they have these days. And what is FAR from stock? Wheels and a lip?
  158. 20 hours ago �
  160. Rene Vila i don't have shit on that dyno pull ask the guys at td autowers.. if you don't know them your really a fail.. and cheap rims lmao?? wait til you see my next set.. work equips 3pc rare as fuck.. you wish you can get on that shit bro. 0 rust wow congrrats neither does mine.
  161. 20 hours ago
  163. Brandon Tallale JDM shit is cheap. do you not have any cuz you cant afford it??? just give it up....your honda was a hand me down from your abuela wasnt it.. haha
  164. 20 hours ago
  166. John Philip von Haussen ^ lmfaooo!
  167. 20 hours ago
  169. James Iovino Seriously I dont give a fuck about rims. I dont care if you had a handcrafted set of rims sent directly from God. It wouldnt impress me at all. And yes I know TD. They have a 1200WHP E85 Civic that they race at NSCRA. You do know what that is dont you?
  170. 20 hours ago �
  172. Rene Vila yes clean are for pussies your right.. idk about you man but i like clean pussy.. if your into eating that hairy stinky shit thats all you man.. ok far from stock.. coilovers, painted lowers, downpipe, noisepipe delete, intake, flapper mod, rims, tune.. don't really need much.. vw's tend to stay intact in one piece no need to upgrade every part.
  173. 20 hours ago
  175. Rene Vila yea, i know.. its an impressive build that damien did.. do give em props.. and i would love for god to hand craft me some rims.. but i rather him send you down a real car.
  176. 20 hours ago
  178. Brandon Tallale your car made it all the way to west palm beach to the NSCRA event?????? damn... i will have to give you props for that. most hondas dont get out of their zip code
  179. 20 hours ago
  181. Rene Vila hold up brandon wait for it wait for ittt wait for it http://www.facebook.com/john.vonhaussen?v=feed&story_fbid=111699718856118#!/photo.php?pid=521308&id=1153000980... wuss up yo check out my ride yo..
  182. 20 hours ago
  184. John Philip von Haussen roflmfaoooooo brandon!
  185. 20 hours ago
  187. James Iovino oh man thats so far from stock. How sick. Especially cosmetically. The fact that you think that is far from stock, shows that you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about building a car. And ya I've been to NSCRA 3 times now, and I'll be there next week again. And will probably be competing in the following one. I'm just saving up some $ for my slicks, and by...
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  189. 20 hours ago �
  191. Rene Vila yea man.. i'll be watching as your shit put putts down the track and blows up.. and then i'll say to all my friends.. "if only he had a set of bbs rs' he could of blown the motor in some sort of style." then i'll go back to talking about clean rims and painted lips.. its a style.. just like you people put those tow hooks on your car.. personally i'...
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  193. 20 hours ago
  195. Brandon Tallale the tow hooks r for a purpose rene. now now. u know those dang hondas r always breaking
  196. 20 hours ago
  198. Brandon Tallale you shld at least save up and by an exhaust tip. i wld go chrome. maybe carbon fiber if your going 4 a fast look
  199. 20 hours ago
  201. Rene Vila no no.. no exhaust tip, too clean.
  202. 20 hours ago
  204. James Iovino yea see im not the typical honda moron. I actually know how to build a car. The cars you see at NSCRA are properly built, not cars built by bullshit retards who cant even make it to NSCRA.
  205. You will be watching me rip down the track and pull constant 11 second passes and be like damn, I wish my VW wasnt such a piece of shit. Maybe then I could ...
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  207. 20 hours ago �
  209. Brandon Tallale yea he shld dirty it up. my bad. maybe bubble the tints up. put some bondo in random spots
  210. 20 hours ago
  212. Brandon Tallale are cars will b in the garage. we r going to take the truck and trailer so when you break your JDM rice cooking primered pos we can charge your ass for the tow home
  213. 20 hours ago
  215. Rene Vila lmao .. yea your right.. Porsche makes a terrible car too.
  216. 20 hours ago
  218. Rene Vila I do wish one day I can be as cool as you and drive such a pos and think its really a nice car in the back of my mind.. your right.
  219. 20 hours ago
  221. Brandon Tallale rene ive been bored lately. lets go buy a honda tomorrow and jump it into a lake. when where done we will just buy another. theyre pretty cheap
  222. 20 hours ago
  224. Rene Vila dude seriously your head is so far up your ass that you really think that a honda is a nice car esp yours.. honestly was it laced? from amsterdamn or cali?
  225. 20 hours ago
  227. Rene Vila That sounds like a plan.. I'm thinkin i should buy one and before dumping it into a lake.. go around and rev that shit at every meet and then tell some guy in a german car that he drives a pos..
  228. 20 hours ago
  230. Brandon Tallale my v-tec go whhhaaaaoooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
  232. lmfao
  233. 20 hours ago
  235. Rene Vila lol... some of them don't even hit v-tec.. and that's a problemmmm
  236. 20 hours ago
  238. Brandon Tallale rene its silent in here. sounds like when we race hondas, silence, cuz we wlak bu lengths on them
  239. 20 hours ago
  241. James Iovino Is your head so far up your ass that you think that a GTI is a nice car EVER? Not only do Honda's look nice from the factory, but its so cheap to make them go fast, that you Vdub kids will be wondering why the fuck you spent $500 on a ECU "tune" that is really just a fucking reflash.
  242. I'm done arguing with you fucking idiots. because all you think ...
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  244. 20 hours ago �
  246. Rene Vila lol don't get all sandy man.. your so cool man.. u have a 97 ex .. what event r u running i really want to come see you run.. see what you can do.. .. ooooff "i followed suit" damn nice terminology.. didn't know we had smart honda owners.
  247. 20 hours ago
  249. Rene Vila and i think you have a problem...
  250. 1.. clean-- your car is far from that so your hating
  251. 2. bolt on turbo kits- oh no cry me a river
  252. 3. a porshe is a pos.. um ok sure
  253. 4. you just said it your self , CHEAP...
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  255. 20 hours ago
  257. Brandon Tallale for real...seriously....after that fanfuckingtastic story i take everything back. ur shit must be insanly fast. damn a stained my boxers
  258. 20 hours ago
  260. Rene Vila http://miami.craigslist.org/brw/cto/1632588285.html
  261. DA CAR IS NOT EL DRIVEABLE... lol atleast this owner speaks english..
  262. 20 hours ago
  264. Brandon Tallale if someone came to now and said heres a brand new porche 997 id say go fuck yourself. if someone said heres an ek honda i wld say omfg, are you god himself blessing me right now
  265. 20 hours ago
  267. James Iovino You kids are just so fucking stupid. That there is no reason to even talk to you. Not only are you both huge dirty fucking ricers, but neither of you can even read.
  268. And yes Porsche is a Piece of shit. its overpriced as fuck and not even that fast. If I was just beyond insanely rich then I might get a Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Otherwise forget about it. ...
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  270. 20 hours ago �
  272. Brandon Tallale the 1st thing i wld do is cut the exhaust and the ngo to the the kendall 163rd meet that thursday!!!!!!!!
  273. 20 hours ago
  275. Rene Vila LOL IM A RICER? LMAO LOL FOR REAL? I don't drive a honda to fall under that category. Dude quit hating.. i know you hate life and i do give you props for taking such a shit bucket and making it go fast.. u live a quarter mile at a time.. and i'll stick to clean wheels
  276. 20 hours ago
  278. Rene Vila Yea were all pussies I know. I wish i can afford a honda.. psh.. come out to our meets .. let's see who the pussy is.
  279. 20 hours ago
  281. Rene Vila yea and play bachata music very loud. say oh mami you like my fast carr. .. pero papi i like that white and black car with the nice wheels. you know its sad when a guys own chick doesn't want to ride in a honda
  282. 20 hours ago
  284. Brandon Tallale let me make sue im right.....its the 11.50 index correct?? just checking
  285. 20 hours ago
  287. Rene Vila anyhow im off to bed, it was nice torturing you
  288. 20 hours ago
  290. Brandon Tallale if so.....2 fast 2 FURIOUS!!!!!
  291. 20 hours ago
  293. Brandon Tallale yea all this talk about slow JDM is tiring me.
  294. 20 hours ago
  296. James Iovino The Kendall 163rd meet? I'm there all the time. And if you think for some reason your not a ricer, then please look up the definition. because its for kids who are all show no go. There are just dirty and clean ricers. Dirty ones put park bench wings and other garbage mods, and clean ones buy nicer exterior parts and dump tons of money on rims and ...
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  298. 20 hours ago �
  300. Rene Vila i'll let you have the last word man, feel good about yourself. you proved nothing.
  301. 20 hours ago
  303. Brandon Tallale hey i thought you were done awhile back. you keep coming around for more. whats your adress so i can send you check for new tires. i feel a lil bad. i truelly wnat to see you compete. it will be my laugh for the day
  304. 20 hours ago
  306. Rene Vila and a can of plasti-dip to cover up that primer. and some tie wraps to fix the dangaling exhaust..
  307. 20 hours ago
  309. Brandon Tallale i have an extra set of hid's. u can have those. i heard on a honda they add 10 whp. every1 has them
  310. 20 hours ago
  312. Rene Vila 1. ricer 5456 up, 493 down
  313. buy ricer mugs, tshirts and magnets(Ricer: from the latin word Ricarius meaning to suck at everything you attempt)
  315. A person who makes unecessary modifications to their most often import car (hence the term "rice") to make it (mostly make it look) faster. The most common modifications are (but not limited to):
  316. ...
  317. See More
  318. 20 hours ago
  320. Rene Vila sure sounds like a honda..
  321. 20 hours ago
  323. Brandon Tallale hahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahahah. honda=fail at life
  324. 19 hours ago

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