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Posted by TheRage-EXT on Wednesday 17th November 2010 05:23:39 - Never Expires
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  1. Bugatti
  2. Added November 13 � Like � Comment
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  5.         James Iovino useless
  6.         November 13 at 2:32pm � Like
  7.         Rodney Ruiz Haaaater
  8.         November 13 at 2:37pm � Like
  9.         James Iovino its mad homo
  10.         November 13 at 2:40pm � Like
  11.         Rodney Ruiz Lmao how?
  12.         November 13 at 2:45pm � Like
  13.         James Iovino ?16 Cylinders and 4 turbos all for nothing.
  14.         November 13 at 2:46pm � Like
  15.         Rodney Ruiz So its homo
  16.         November 13 at 2:49pm � Like
  17.         James Iovino yep. 2M, 16 Cylinders, 4 Turbos, 12 Radiators, and constant tune ups. For what? So they could lose to any supra with a large single turbo?
  18.         November 13 at 2:54pm � Like � 1 person
  19.         Samantha Chan LOL, coming from the kid with the civic!
  20.         November 13 at 11:33pm � Like
  21.         James Iovino You don't know the power of Honda. Don't underestimate it.
  22.         November 13 at 11:36pm � Like
  23.         Samantha Chan What car in production today does Honda make that would make you question my knowledge of Honda?
  24.         November 13 at 11:39pm � Like
  25.         James Iovino I dont understand your question. What do the cars that Honda makes today have anything to do with your knowledge of Honda. Considering all the cars they make these days are trash, and your talking stuff, its obvious that your either A. a hater, or B. Don't know about the good stuff that Honda used to make.
  26.         Sunday at 12:40am � Like
  27.         James Iovino And I see Chelsea obviously knows about cars, she understands where I'm coming from ?
  28.         Sunday at 12:44am � Like
  29.         Samantha Chan My question dumbed down for you. Why are you questioning my knowledge of Honda? What do you think you know about Honda cars that I don't know? I'm not a hater, you're the ricer fanboy that decided to comment the Buigatti picture.
  30.         Sunday at 1:13am � Like
  31.         James Iovino ROFL because I don't like bugatti I'm a river fanboy? Yea you make a lot of sense. Considering Ur last name is Chan, its surprising how you hate on Asian cars.
  32.         Sunday at 2:50am � Like
  33.         Luis Corcuera dude james just shut up dude you sound like a little kid.................. "You don't know the power of Honda. Don't underestimate it." <---- LMFAO
  34.         Sunday at 12:41pm � Like
  35.         Luis Corcuera in person this car is beautiful, im just glad i got to see it in person
  36.         Sunday at 12:44pm � Like
  37.         Samantha Chan
  38.         I didn't call you a river fanboy, I called you a ricer fanboy. You are retarded. I am not hating on "asian" cars. Every car I have owned has come from Japan. Why don't you support "hispanic" cars? Oh wait...your people don't even make them! You're probably one of those kids that drives around racing 6 cly mustangs and thinking you're the shit. You know what civic racer, you are really persistent i'll give that to you, but at this point you are making yourself look really stupid. It's a Buigatti, and you drive a Civic. How about Don't underestimate the Buigatti?
  39.         Sunday at 1:42pm � Like
  40.         Rodney Ruiz High five on that one sam!
  41.         Sunday at 1:44pm � Like
  42.         Luis Corcuera hes italian =\. and hes heating up this picture post like always lol
  43.         Sunday at 1:44pm � Unlike � 1 person
  44.         Samantha Chan Thanks Rodney lol, I can see somebody knows about cars ?
  45.         Sunday at 1:47pm � Like
  46.         Rodney Ruiz Yessir. And the carbon fiber body looked so beautiful!
  47.         Sunday at 1:48pm � Like
  48.         Samantha Chan I bet it did! Aren't you glad you get to be around these kinds of cars all day instead of Honda and equal valued cars? Sucks how people can't just appreciate a good picture of a great car lol.
  49.         Sunday at 1:51pm � Like
  50.         Rodney Ruiz Lmao u just keep busting the poor kids balls huh?
  51.         Sunday at 1:52pm � Like
  52.         Luis Corcuera its a rare car to add.
  53.         Sunday at 2:09pm � Like
  54.         James Iovino
  55.         ROFL Samantha, not only am I Italian but my Honda is a lot faster than you think. Check my pics if u don't believe me. And it was a typo from my phone, idiot. I just don't like bugatti. It's specs show that it is engineered poorly, needing 16 cylinders, a ton of displacement, and 4 turbos to achieve its power. And at the end of the day, it sucks around a track, its super overpriced, and it requires expensive maintenance. And is still barely faster (and its speed is actually disputable) compared to a few other super cars in the same class with nothing more than supercharged V8s.
  56.         Sunday at 2:33pm � Like
  57.         Luis Corcuera Im really liking this samantha chick =). Yes me bohdan and rodney love being around these beautiful cars daily. And when we get into old hondas or those old american cars it sucks ass lol.
  58.         Sunday at 5:53pm � Like
  59.         Samantha Chan Listen James, don't tell me what you think fast is. Fast to me is different then fast to you. I own a 400hp Evo, your Civic is slow to me. How about we just appreciate the car and not worry about the price, even if it was half the price it's not like either of will ever be shelling out 500k on a car anyway. I'm sorry you feel the need to keep replying, but you need to accept the fact that you got schooled by a girl and just move on to the next picture. Troll.
  60.         Sunday at 7:40pm � Like
  61.         Rodney Ruiz High five sam! And I love the fact u have an evo. We should meet up. I gotta see it
  62.         Sunday at 7:47pm � Like
  63.         James Iovino Rofl 400hp? Race me then. I've got about 50 less HP and a lot less weight.
  64.         Sunday at 9:55pm � Like
  65.         Samantha Chan Lol only for money, and only from a dig.
  66.         Sunday at 10:26pm � Like
  67.         Luis Corcuera Sam do you go to dade?
  68.         Sunday at 10:54pm � Like
  69.         Samantha Chan Yeah, why?
  70.         Sunday at 11:11pm � Like
  71.         Rodney Ruiz What time?
  72.         Sunday at 11:11pm � Like
  73.         Samantha Chan Depends what day...why?
  74.         Sunday at 11:12pm � Like
  75.         Rodney Ruiz What color is your evo?
  76.         Sunday at 11:13pm � Like
  77.         Luis Corcuera so your the one with the grey evo. with the kitten i believe on the window. ive seen it, nice ride
  78.         Sunday at 11:13pm � Like
  79.         Samantha Chan I have pics up if you wanna check it out.
  80.         Sunday at 11:14pm � Like
  81.         Luis Corcuera ill add you then since its private page
  82.         Sunday at 11:16pm � Like
  83.         Samantha Chan Lol it's a munny from kidrobot, and thankss.
  84.         Sunday at 11:16pm � Like
  85.         Rodney Ruiz Dude sweet ride! You've actually cut me off before lol
  86.         Sunday at 11:17pm � Like
  87.         Samantha Chan Oh damn lol. What do you drive?
  88.         Sunday at 11:18pm � Like
  89.         Luis Corcuera who me?
  90.         Sunday at 11:18pm � Like
  91.         Samantha Chan No, Rodney.
  92.         Sunday at 11:19pm � Like
  93.         Rodney Ruiz White accord
  94.         Sunday at 11:22pm � Like
  95.         Samantha Chan Oh ok. I don't remember lol.
  96.         Sunday at 11:24pm � Like
  97.         Rodney Ruiz Yeah u were leaning back, cruisin, with your shades on
  98.         Sunday at 11:25pm � Like
  99.         Luis Corcuera now that i think about it ive actually parked next you in the garage lol
  100.         Sunday at 11:25pm � Like
  101.         Samantha Chan Lol nice. Some idiots park in there. They hit my car a couple weeks ago.
  102.         Sunday at 11:26pm � Like
  103.         Luis Corcuera ?0_o your scaring me. i usually park in there around 4.10pm. i get a corner so theres less a chance of getting hit
  104.         Sunday at 11:27pm � Like
  105.         Samantha Chan Well, the day I got hit I parked where nobody could park to my left. So of course, my right side got hit. And I parked more towards the left, which shows how retarded some people are.
  106.         Sunday at 11:29pm � Like
  107.         Rodney Ruiz Yeah but its not just there. Retards live in miami who don't know how to drive
  108.         Sunday at 11:30pm � Like
  109.         Luis Corcuera the first week my car got back from its paint job i got hit on the door. i got so pissed. people there just dont care about cars
  110.         Sunday at 11:32pm � Like
  111.         Rodney Ruiz Like I said retards
  112.         Sunday at 11:33pm � Like
  113.         James Iovino Sam your funny. You want to put money on it, and you only want to race where you have the advantage. How cute. If you want to go for money from a dig, wait till I have slicks and we will race at the track. Any other way and you know its not fair, which is why you agree to it :)
  114.         Sunday at 11:54pm � Like
  115.         Luis Corcuera James your car is not that fast JEEZ lol XD
  116.         Sunday at 11:55pm � Like
  117.         James Iovino ?400HP EVO = 280WHP. I have 303WHP on 19PSI, and you already know it boosts 22.
  118.         Sunday at 11:57pm � Like
  119.         Rodney Ruiz God james give it a rest! Shit! My phones been goin off nonstop today
  120.         Sunday at 11:58pm � Like
  121.         Luis Corcuera eh your car doesnt feel like a 303whp no offense. but yet again i havent gotten a recent ride yet. besides did you fix the problems yet
  122.         Sunday at 11:59pm � Like
  123.         James Iovino Well considering that you never got a real ride in it idk what your saying.
  124.         Monday at 12:09am � Like
  125.         Luis Corcuera i think i can beat you the way my car runs right now handicapped just for you 10PSI. thats what im trying to tell you >:)
  126.         Monday at 12:11am � Like �
  127.         James Iovino Also luis, no I havent. I haven't had time with school all the time, and my dad is always busy on the weekends so I have nobody to help me out. I fixed the oil leaks though, and fixed the crank case ventilation issue.
  128.         Monday at 12:13am � Like
  129.         Bohdan Kos damn, i missed this whole argument :( fuck
  130.         count me in from now on
  131.         Monday at 12:13am � Like �
  132.         Bohdan Kos Ohh and i've seen your evo around too, lol
  133.         i usually chill with luis after school and for some reason we always see it on the parking lot
  134.         Monday at 12:15am � Like �
  135.         Bohdan Kos ohh and rodney
  136.         Monday at 12:15am � Like �
  137.         Bohdan Kos just turn off your
  138.         Monday at 12:16am � Like �
  139.         Bohdan Kos phone notifications and
  140.         Monday at 12:16am � Like �
  141.         Bohdan Kos you'll be set. LMFAO
  142.         Monday at 12:16am � Like �
  143.         James Iovino ya
  144.         Monday at 12:17am � Like
  145.         James Iovino i
  146.         Monday at 12:17am � Like
  147.         James Iovino think
  148.         Monday at 12:17am � Like
  149.         James Iovino he
  150.         Monday at 12:17am � Like
  151.         James Iovino should
  152.         Monday at 12:17am � Like
  153.         James Iovino ?:)
  154.         Monday at 12:17am � Like
  155.         Bohdan Kos cant wait until i get my stage 50 clutch already!!!
  156.         Monday at 12:19am � Like �
  157.         Samantha Chan Lol, I can't believe you are still replying. Once you realize you just lost money in real life over an online argument you are going to feel pretty stupid, but hey, if this is what you want, then so be it. Go ahead and pick a mph, I will pick a price, and we will race.
  158.         Monday at 12:59am � Like �
  159.         James Iovino Alright cool, just dont pick too much, I wouldnt want you to have to ask your parents for too much money after you lose.
  160.         Monday at 1:01am � Like � 1 person
  161.         Bohdan Kos lol. you down to film it luis? i wanna film some races already!
  162.         Monday at 1:10am � Like �
  163.         Samantha Chan ?$200, when will you have the money?
  164.         Monday at 3:17pm � Like �
  165.         Luis Corcuera yea im down to film XD ill try babying the accelerator so i wont hit either of you guys lol :D
  166.         Monday at 3:41pm � Like �
  167.         Samantha Chan Nice, what do you drive?
  168.         Monday at 3:43pm � Like �
  169.         James Iovino LOL luis, your car isnt that fast yet. You still need alot bigger injectors. $200 on a race is retarded. I guess mommy and daddy give you a large allowance.
  170.         Monday at 4:49pm � Like
  171.         Samantha Chan Are you fucking kidding? Don't be such a pussy. Get a better job if you need money. Whatever, you just wanted to win the online argument, you wanted to get the last words in and I'm not letting you. Faggots like you is why Miami sucks sometimes. Have some faith in your Honda Power you pompous ass.
  172.         Monday at 5:37pm � Like �
  173.         James Iovino I never said I wouldn't race you for that much. I just said that its a fucking stupid amount. Hell if you want to lose 200$ over an online argument thats fine by me. I'll buy a new cam or a nicer suspension with the money I win. Faggots like me? yea your pretty mad now. And you will be even more mad when I smoke your POS Evo and make you eat your words.
  174.         Monday at 5:54pm � Like
  175.         Luis Corcuera Dude james shut up bro. You sound annoying and stupid lol. Your car doesnt even run right at the moment lol. And if you do lose your going to look so stupid XD.
  176.         Monday at 9:53pm � Like �
  177.         Luis Corcuera Oh and just cuz my car isnt done yet doesnt meen its not fast ;) its pretty quick on 10psi youd be surprised.
  178.         Monday at 9:54pm � Like �
  179.         James Iovino Luis stop acting dumb. Talking shit about old cars when your car is older than everyone elses. I sound annoying and stupid now because I don't like Bugatti? Ok luis, I think you had that job for a little too long now.
  180.         Monday at 10:27pm � Like
  181.         Luis Corcuera lol im talking about your arguing with Sam its dumb. and when was i talking about old cars? i think your the one acting dumb lol.
  182.         Monday at 11:29pm � Like �
  183.         Samantha Chan
  184.         James, you really need to grow up. I know reality is hard to face sometimes. I'm not mad I'm actually very happy I own a Evo and not a Civic. You're just some cocky ricer who thinks he is better then everyone. You sound annoying not because you don't like Buigatti, but because you don't know when to shut up. I don't run around bashing peoples cars, nor do I brag about how fast my car is, but YOU need to be put in place, which is why I am dedicating my time to putting you in place, normally I wouldn't waste my time with people like you, but I'm having fun making you look like an idiot in front of all your friends. You look dumb dude, and this argument is old, so just shut your pussy and move on already unless you actually are going race me for cash.
  185.         Monday at 11:41pm � Like �
  186.         Luis Corcuera lol true ^ XD he just keeps going and going. oh man
  187.         Monday at 11:47pm � Like �
  188.         James Iovino
  189.         The funny thing is that your a fucking stuck up bitch who thinks shes better than everyone because your mommy and daddy pay for your shit. Thats why I'm taking the time to shut you the fuck up. Hell yes I am going to race you for cash. Give...See More
  190.         23 hours ago � Like
  191.         Luis Corcuera lol its true he loves raging on the internet its his calling. you guys should see him on youtube XD its intertaining
  192.         23 hours ago � Like �
  193.         Samantha Chan
  194.         It's not my fault your parents are poor unloving pieces of worthless shit and are letting you drive around in such a godforsaken car. I didn't pick a fight. I defended Buigatti, because it's a great car. Yes, I see you are Italian, but why do you hate on the Ferrari? I KNOW! Because you are a ricer fanboy who has nothing better to do. You hating on these kinds of cars proves how fucking stupid you are. That Ferrari you hated on was pretty slow too eh? The gears are too long and it's too heavy? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I didn't pick the wrong person to pick a fight with, I picked a stupid immature boy who gets power trips out of starting online fights. Well guess what, when my boyfriend sees this shit he isn't going to fight with you over the internet, he is going to beat your ass in real life. You fucking need it.
  195.         22 hours ago � Like �
  196.         Samantha Chan
  197.         And from looking at your page, I now see that you hate, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Ferrari, Buigatti, all German cars, and all American cars. You even hate on other peoples Civics all day. So only Honda is good, and only your Civic is fast and awesome? In your youtube video you say, "Every time the Honda wins", your level of thinking is that of a 5 year old. Who instilled in your brain that Honda is the only good car maker on the planet? Who told you your Civic was fast? Family sedans now days come with over 300hp, your cars power is nothing special. The only thing special about your car is that it's an unreliable piece of shit that doesn't run right, and I'm not just talking out my ass, that's what YOUR friends are saying. Take a clue kid, you aren't going to get very far in life with the attitude that you are better then everyone else. You need some serious psychological help, too bad your parents are worthless and will probably never get you the help you need.
  198.         20 hours ago � Like �
  200.         This is obviously going nowhere. So I'll just let my car do the talking from here.
  201.         15 hours ago � Like
  202.         Bohdan Kos
  203.         Alright let me set some things straight here...
  205.         Luis: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! i never thought you'd be so desperate for pussy to go against your friend.
  207.         And SAM: i think you just got SO trolled over the internet that you just started to talk shit about his parents... WEAK!!!!!!
  209.         and James: Good job, you made her mad to a point that she is bringing all her friends to rob you just in case she loses the race. lmfao
  211.         oh and Sam: i wasn't gonna get in this convo, i wanted to leave you two alone but you dont bring peoples parents into it and start talking shit about them. thats something you dont do and is really disrespectful. THAT'S LOW
  212.         14 hours ago � Like �
  213.         Luis Corcuera wtf bohdan your stupid. you kno what im out, this is getting stupid and im not stooping down to that level. just let the cars do the talking not the mouths ugh >:I
  214.         12 hours ago � Like �
  215.         Samantha Chan Bohdan, he brought my parents into it first.
  216.         11 hours ago � Like �
  217.         Samantha Chan
  218.         The cars aren't going to do any talking, I'm sure James is going to make up an excuse about how his car isn't working right or he doesn't have the money. It's the same excuse over and over with different ricers. "Desperate for pussy to go against your friend?" He will beat your fucking ass too. If you and your clique of friends actually thinks this way, and if you guys actually support each other, then you are all fucking retarded. A persons friends say a lot about themselves. Luis isn't desperate for pussy you clown, he just wants his so called "friend" to stop looking like an idiot.
  219.         11 hours ago � Like �
  220.         James Iovino What part of quit talking and let your car talk don't you understand? As far as bringing parents into it, I said that your mommy and daddy pay for your shit. Which is obvious since your driving around a 35k car while your in school. But you just go to the lowest levels to try to insult someone and you still fail hardcore. I told you it will be a couple weeks, but I'm down to run you. And you better have the money because I WILL MAKE YOU PAY UP WHEN YOU LOSE.
  221.         11 hours ago � Like
  222.         Bohdan Kos
  223.         Its just that i know how you are luis. whenever i try to prove a point to dumb ass carlos you always say stop arguing and take sides of the wrong people. i've noticed that a couple of times already... and it wasnt only me but a few more people that are your and my friends.
  225.         And who is gonna beat my fucking ass???? if your boyfriend is gonna step into this and start beating people's ass "in real life" then he is dumb IMO
  227.         If my girlfriend started talking so much shit like you are, about peoples parents then i wouldn't even bother going in and beating peoples ass "IN REAL LIFE"
  229.         ohh and BTW James didnt get out of line talking about your parents, All he said was that they spoil you and give you money... and not that they are "pieces of shit"
  230.         10 hours ago � Like �
  231.         Samantha Chan
  232.         I don't care what the level of insult is, don't mention my parents or my financial situation, neither is relevant to the picture or the race. I'm not going to let you guys run all over me, my points stand, the Buigatti is a great car, and my Evo is faster then the Civic. If you knew anything about Evos, you would know you could easily pick up an overseas Evo 8 for about 10 grand. Thats a third of the price you thought you knew it was. You think you are some know it all because you and your little circle jerk buddies built a piece of shit civic that apparently doesn't even run right. Why do you need a couple of weeks? Because the piece of shit broke or because you don't know how to drive? I'm guessing it was a mix of both. Yes Bohdan, if my boyfriend ever sees either of you he will beat your asses for being so disrespectful, there are other ways to argue other than to bring our personal lives into, just remember who did it first. You had no right to bring that shit up and for that you will pay, and I have nothing to do with that, he is watching this post now and is pretty pissed. Whenever you are ready to loose let me know!
  233.         7 hours ago � Like �
  234.         James Iovino
  235.         ROFL HE is watching it and is mad? Great another idiot hooked into the troll. Your little subaru driving BF? Yea Subaru owners are really hard. I already told you why I needed a couple weeks, but obviously you didn't learn shit over there at Miami Dade or at your School for Advanced Studies. Because you cant even fucking read. You can pick up an overseas Evo for 8 Grand? From what country? Is shipping free? Are there no customs charges? How is it street legal? DOT approved glass, compiles with US 50state Emissions laws? Oh wait... NO. I guarantee aswell that I drive way better than you ever can imagine. So just keep getting mad. I see you don't know how to make your car talk, so you just keep running your mouth. Or was it that you looked at my youtube videos and realized that there is no way you can beat me? That I'm on a whole other level than you? ANd now your just twice as mad, because not only did you come in here talking shit, but you told me you were gonna shut me down, and now not only can you not shut me down, but your going to lose money over it aswell. So just quit writing back until we race.
  236.         7 hours ago � Like
  237.         Samantha Chan HA HA HA. You're the one that needs to find the money, not me. You can tell me when you're ready. And yes your YouTube vids impressed me SO much! ^.^
  238.         5 hours ago � Like �
  239.         Luis Corcuera I love grudge matches. This is gonna be fun =D
  240.         about an hour ago � Like � 1 person �
  241.         Samantha Chan
  242.         You can buy an Evo overseas for 10 grand, it costs 2 grand to get it here which is includes customs charges and making it street legal..so wait.... YES. Retard. You OBVIOUSLY don't know shit about what you're talking about. Why don't you look it up instead of talking out of your ass more? I don't want to imagine your pathetic driving, I saw it on youtube and came to the conclusion that your grandma must have taught you. Yes you are on a whole other level then me, actually, your like 3 levels lower then me. I could take you from a launch, on a track, and from a roll, pretty much you car is worthless. I can see how mad you are getting, it must suck not having a fast car, and you wait until someone challenges you and tell them to give you a few weeks, I have no idea how bad that must feel. I'll quit writing back after you grow some balls and race me. By the way, the race is going to be for $300, and when you loose and don't pay up you better expect an ass beating on your face and on your car. If you are SO confident you are going to win, then borrow it from one of your man lovers and lets race already.
  243.         56 minutes ago � Like �
  244.         James Iovino
  245.         ROFL I'm going to smoke you for $300. If your BF says or does shit I'm going to lay his pussy limp dick ass the fuck out in the middle of the street aswell. So keep getting mad bitch. And keep upping the price. I bet by the time we race, you will owe me your POS car. And ill torch that bitch right in front of you just to make you watch it. You got trolled so hard that you went on youtube and tried to rage. you saw some old vids and got even more mad. Even in the crappy accel vidoe where I had 2 people in the car, back then I still used to pull on EVO's. Maybe you will finally understand just how slow they are.
  246.         If your EVO is from overseas, then what country did it come from? What did you do to make it street legal? I bet you don't even know. because you already proved previously, that you can't even read.
  248.         And you know what the best things is, this was over, we were set to race, but your SO FUCKING RAGED that you had to come back and post again. This is the troll that just keeps giving. And its going down as one of the best trolls of all time. I think I'm going to change my official occupation to professional Rager. I rage people so hard that they bet me money in things that they cannot win. And then they get even more raged and up the price. Hell, If i found a few more morons like you to troll per week, I could make enough money just doing this to afford my own condo.
  249.         45 minutes ago � Like
  250.         Edgardo Suarez james only races for pinks!!!!! XD
  251.         28 minutes ago � Like �
  252.         Edgardo Suarez and no lie hearing a girl talk about cars like this is a major turn on...how u doing? im edgar and i got a dc5 ;D
  253.         27 minutes ago � Like �

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