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Posted by VAC2 Troll on Monday 6th December 2010 18:42:01 - Never Expires
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  1. [18:36:35] [Join-#cs1.6] anger ([email protected]) (Commercial/Normal)
  2. [18:36:35] [Mode-#cs1.6] Jimster480 +v anger
  3. [18:36:59] +anger : jim
  4. [18:37:18] +anger : your supersimple wall v7 is being investigated by valev
  5. [18:37:38] @Echo419 : why
  6. [18:38:04] +anger : it's what valve does
  7. [18:38:17] +anger : but they are streaming what the user sees
  8. [18:38:26] @Echo419 : nope
  9. [18:38:32] +anger : if you load steam, then join a game without the cheat you will see a steady ping
  10. [18:38:39] +anger : as soon as you load the cheat, your ping tripples
  11. [18:39:05] +anger : i give it 1 week before it's detected and another 2 weeks before accounts get vac banned
  12. [18:39:16] @Echo419 : really why 2 weeks?
  13. [18:39:29] +anger : there's an alternative method that is completely undetectable, it's network based. it's like packet sniffing
  14. * Retrieving #cs1.6 modes...
  15. [18:39:49] +anger : not sure why but vac bans are usually delayed
  16. [18:40:27] +anger : but i know from an employee that its being investigated and they some times join forums and irc to catch cheats early
  17. [18:40:42] +anger : just a warning to you
  18. [18:40:43] +anger : peace
  19. [18:40:43] @Echo419 : thats cool

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