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Posted by JAPS Exposed on Monday 8th December 2008 23:07:08 - Never Expires
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  1. [12:48] <sm1g> Mark, we both know what's going on... atleast i hope so, cause otherwise, you're blind as a fucking bat
  2. [12:50] <[JAPS]General-Jap> please tell me whats going on
  3. [12:50] <[JAPS]General-Jap> i like to hear it
  4. [12:51] <sm1g> ohhh... there we go... now you're interested all of a sudent
  5. [12:51] <sm1g> hmm... even im not that stupid to do shit first and then ask both sides
  6. [12:51] <sm1g> guess what... i'll let you in on a little secret...
  7. [12:51] <sm1g> you've got 3 kinds of people in JAPS
  8. [12:51] <sm1g> wanna know what they are?
  9. [12:51] <sm1g> 1) the neutral ones
  10. [12:52] <sm1g> thos who don't care and hang around there just for the people that are there
  11. [12:52] <sm1g> they don't care about any drama going on there
  12. [12:52] <sm1g> then there are the ones that kiss your ass all the time
  13. [12:52] <sm1g> that's 2
  14. [12:52] <sm1g> for example, hybOr
  15. [12:52] <sm1g> since you opened up deviantcheats.com and he's the head asshole there
  16. [12:53] <[JAPS]General-Jap> well he does something for me
  17. [12:53] <sm1g> he's been allowing him self a lot of shit
  18. [12:53] <[JAPS]General-Jap> unlike most other fgts
  19. [12:53] <[JAPS]General-Jap> here
  20. [12:53] <sm1g> like banning nice people etc.
  21. [12:53] <[JAPS]General-Jap> ya
  22. [12:53] <[JAPS]General-Jap> thats all good
  23. [12:53] <[JAPS]General-Jap> he does a job
  24. [12:53] <[JAPS]General-Jap> for JAPS
  25. [12:53] <sm1g> so, you're saying...
  26. [12:53] <[JAPS]General-Jap> by making cheats
  27. [12:53] <[JAPS]General-Jap> and releasing them
  28. [12:53] <[JAPS]General-Jap> what do you
  29. [12:53] <[JAPS]General-Jap> and others
  30. [12:53] <[JAPS]General-Jap> do ?
  31. [12:53] <sm1g> if i do something for you, you'll let me do what ever you want?
  32. [12:53] <[JAPS]General-Jap> tell me
  33. [12:53] <sm1g> if i do something for you, you'll let me do what ever you want?
  34. [12:53] <sm1g> if i do something for you, you'll let me do what ever you want?
  35. [12:53] <sm1g> err.
  36. [12:53] <sm1g> fuck
  37. [12:53] <sm1g> i mean, whatever i want
  38. [12:53] <sm1g> and not get punished for that?
  39. [12:53] <[JAPS]General-Jap> well you will be in a higher position than regular members
  40. [12:53] <[JAPS]General-Jap> who do nothing
  41. [12:54] <[JAPS]General-Jap> exactly
  42. [12:54] <sm1g> oh... but there's a difference
  43. [12:54] <sm1g> the power hunger and all the other crap
  44. [12:54] <sm1g> like hybOr in this case... he fucking bans people right and left and tells them to choke on shit cause he knows you're covering his ass
  45. [12:55] <[JAPS]General-Jap> i havent seen him banning anyone
  46. [12:55] <[JAPS]General-Jap>  except you
  47. [12:55] <sm1g> even tho thos people haven't done anything wrong except presented their arguments that he doesn't like too much
  48. [12:55] <[JAPS]General-Jap>  u must have pissed him off
  49. [12:55] <sm1g> dude, wanna know why you haven't seen him do shit?
  50. [12:55] <sm1g> cause you're eather always away, or he does that when you're not around
  51. [12:55] <sm1g> if only i could get my away-logs back
  52. [12:55] <sm1g> i'd show you a thing or two
  53. [12:56] <sm1g> oh i almost forgot...
  54. [12:56] <sm1g> wanna know what's the third kind of people in JAPS?
  55. [12:56] <[JAPS]General-Jap> sure
  56. [12:57] <sm1g> well, you'll have to face this... cause it's the truth and there's nothing more you can do about it to change that
  57. [12:57] <sm1g> the rest of the people think you're an idiot/dumbass w/e
  58. [12:57] <sm1g> low in inteligence etc. etc. etc.
  59. [12:57] <sm1g> i wont call any names, cause, i have atleast decent respect for them
  60. [12:57] <sm1g> let them be
  61. [12:57] <[JAPS]General-Jap>  if i was so low in intelligence
  62. [12:57] <sm1g> no wait
  63. [12:57] <[JAPS]General-Jap> i wouldnt be sitting on my arse
  64. [12:57] <[JAPS]General-Jap> collecting $$$$
  65. [12:57] <sm1g> hear me out
  66. [12:58] <sm1g> like, i've heard a lot of shit about you
  67. [12:58] <[JAPS]General-Jap> id be out working for some retard
  68. [12:58] <sm1g> but guess what, more than half has proven right
  69. [12:58] <[JAPS]General-Jap> i dont really care to be honest
  70. [12:58] <sm1g> come on... you're so deep in this shit
  71. [12:58] <sm1g> face it, it's over
  72. [12:58] <[JAPS]General-Jap> as long as i make $$$
  73. [12:58] <[JAPS]General-Jap> i dont give a fuck
  74. [12:58] <[JAPS]General-Jap> about anything else
  75. [12:58] <[JAPS]General-Jap> including so called JAPS members
  76. [12:59] <[JAPS]General-Jap> that think im low in intelligence
  77. [12:59] <sm1g> well, you might be sitting and getting $$$$ for doing nothing
  78. [12:59] <[JAPS]General-Jap> etc etc
  79. [12:59] <sm1g> but you know what?
  80. [12:59] <sm1g> if i were you, i would never sell my ass like that
  81. [12:59] <[JAPS]General-Jap> as long as my bank balance keeps getting bigger thats all that counts to me
  82. [12:59] <sm1g> you might have all the green you want, but none of the respect you ever had
  83. [12:59] <[JAPS]General-Jap> doesnt matter to me
  84. [13:00] <sm1g> people who you think you trust the most, betray you on every step
  85. [13:00] <[JAPS]General-Jap> and here i do have respect cause noone has the balls
  86. [13:00] <sm1g> face it, Mark, it's over
  87. [13:00] <[JAPS]General-Jap> to say what they say
  88. [13:00] <[JAPS]General-Jap> behind my back
  89. [13:00] <[JAPS]General-Jap> to my face
  90. [13:00] <sm1g> noone wants cheats, noone cares about that anymore
  91. [13:00] <[JAPS]General-Jap> [13:00] <sm1g> people who you think you trust the most, betray you on every step
  92. [13:00] <sm1g> that is correct
  93. [13:00] <[JAPS]General-Jap> thats why noone but me has control over the domains
  94. [13:00] <[JAPS]General-Jap> ;]
  95. [13:00] <sm1g> omg
  96. [13:00] <[JAPS]General-Jap> and i have everything backed up just in case shit like this happens
  97. [13:00] <sm1g> i think you're missing the point
  98. [13:01] <sm1g> in time Mark, you'll be left alone
  99. [13:01] <sm1g> first, the ones that don't care anymore will leave
  100. [13:01] <sm1g> then, the ass kissers will feel that you're using them
  101. [13:01] <sm1g> and they'll leave you too in time
  102. [13:01] <sm1g> and in the end, you'll end up all alone
  103. [13:02] <sm1g> even book wont be there dude.... he doesn't seem to care anymore about this shit
  104. [13:02] <sm1g> and you know what? i think he got a life and is out there partying all night long, while you're stuck here, trying to scrape the last dime of a person for a shitty ESP they'll forget about in months and move on
  105. [13:03] <sm1g> i remember when JAPS was for the fun of cheating a server and kicking the butts of thos 13 year old kids that cheated and got there asses wooped anyway
  106. [13:03] <sm1g> but then... then something changed...
  107. [13:03] <sm1g> you changed
  108. [13:03] <sm1g> all you care about now is the money
  109. [13:04] <sm1g> for a long long long time now... it's been dead
  110. [13:04] <sm1g> all the fun, all the enjoyment is dead
  111. [13:05] <sm1g> im not hoping that you'll understand
  112. [13:05] <sm1g> im hoping that you'll realise this sooner or later
  113. [13:05] <sm1g> and i hope, it wont be too late for you...
  114. [13:05] <sm1g> :/

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