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Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday 23rd August 2011 21:40:17 - Never Expires
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  1.                     Official MP3 Release Rules 1.1
  2.        __________________________________________________________
  4.  1. No Dupes !
  5.     Complete albums/releases are checked, not single tracks. So a release
  6.     is not a dupe if it has different or more tracks.
  8.     Exceptions:
  9.       1. It's also a dupe if the complete release is included in a
  10.          previous one. For example CDM is released, now someone releases
  11.          the CDS and all tracks of the CDS were already included on the
  12.          CDM (excactly the same tracks).
  13.       2. You are allowed to create a duplicate release from a release
  14.          that has a source of lower quality (a different source!).
  15.          Example: if vinyl is out then a CD-release is allowed.
  16.          If you do that then please add this info to NFO and dirname. For
  17.          online bought MP3s (-WEB-) we assume the best source quality
  18.          (CDDA or better).
  19.       3. All MIXED cds should be ripped as one track supplied with a
  20.          .cue. If they are not, they may be duped by another group that
  21.          releases it as one track with a .cue supplied.
  22.       4. If a WEB version has been released then a CD RETAIL version is
  23.          allowed if the CD version has scans/photos.
  25.     For all LIVE sources:
  26.        + If a show has already been released (e.g. another name, but the
  27.          mix is the same), no dupe of that same show is allowed. If the  
  28.          show is included in another release (for example, as a guest
  29.          mix), then it is not allowed either.
  30.        + If a show, containing a guest mix, is a partial dupe (either the
  31.          regular part of the show, or the guest mix), it is allowed to
  32.          release them both as a set. However, it is encouraged to release
  33.          only the new part if the other part is available in equal or  
  34.          better quality, denoting in the nfo why the other part was
  35.          omitted.
  36.        + If a show contains the broadcast of a commercially released CD,
  37.          it may not be released if the CD has already been released.
  39.     Note: if you want to release an import-album or some "extendend
  40.     edition" then check rule 7 as well !
  42.  2. An .SFV and .NFO file must be included in every release.
  43.     If you release a CUE file for multitrack mp3s then the CUE file must
  44.     include artist and tracknames if they are available on the cover or
  45.     inlay.
  47.  3. Directoryname must at least contain:
  48.       1. Artist Name - Title - Published Year (decimal) - Group name
  49.          (extra info is allowed of course)
  50.       2. All bootleg releases must have the word BOOTLEG in dirname.
  51.          (check bootleg rule 14)
  52.       3. If you release magazine CDs then you must tag them as -MAG-.  
  53.          Don't tag them -PROMO-, -ADVANCE- etc..
  54.       4. The directory name of an INTERNAL release must end with _INT.
  55.          Example: Someone_Something-2007-GROUP_INT
  56.       5. For all LIVE sources:
  57.          It is not necessary to include the name of the station the show
  58.          is broadcasted on (if it is not included in the directory name,
  59.          it is strongly encouraged to include it in the nfo instead). The
  60.          date must be the date of the broadcast. Both USA (-MM/DD-) and
  61.          EU (-DD/MM-) date format are allowed.
  63.     Exception:
  64.     If a vinyl/cd has no title then it's allowed to replace the title by
  65.     labelname+catnumber (both!). If there is only one artist on the
  66.     vinyl/cd then you must add the artistname.
  68.  4. Filename must at least contain:
  69.     Track Number - Song Title
  70.     If it's an album with different artists (one artist per track) then  
  71.     you must add the artist name as well ("VA-tracks" like mixes don't
  72.     need artistnames).
  73.     The song title for the filename must include the full title as it's  
  74.     written on the cover/cd/inlay with all additional infos like
  75.     remixed/featured stuff as long as it doesn't exceed the 128 char
  76.     limit.
  77.     Make sure that your filename is unique otherwise some sites might
  78.     dupeskip.
  80.     Exception:
  81.     If no tracknames are supplied by the source (cd,vinyl,..) then you
  82.     *must* provide proof that these tracks have no names. Either by a
  83.     scan of the original cover of the record company/label (no selfmade
  84.     cdr or bootleg covers) or a link to an official or trusted webpage
  85.     with proofs. If these "untitled tracks" are part of a big mix (no  
  86.     silence between the "tracks") then it's considered as one track and
  87.     you must rip it as one mp3/cue and give this track same name as the
  88.     "album".
  90.  5. Files/directories must only contain characters a-z A-Z 0-9 _ . - ()
  91.     This is to avoid problems with windows/linux-filesystem and
  92.     ftp-servers.
  94.  6. Self-made releases
  95.       1. Self-made compilations are not allowed !
  96.          A self-made compilation is when you select tracks from other
  97.          sources, put them together and release that as something new.
  98.       2. A self-made MIX or completely self-made music is allowed if it's
  99.          good. Sites decide if it's shit by nuking it.
  100.          If you are releasing self-made stuff then that must be clearly
  101.          visible in your nfo.
  102.          If it's not possible to see that it's self-made then it will get
  103.          nuked as bad pack.
  104.          Exception: if the selfmade release is free available at release
  105.          time or when you obviously know that it will be available soon
  106.          then it's not allowed to release it.
  108.     If it's not clear if it's selfmade or not and it's not possible to
  109.     find any information about the release/artist/label then it's up to
  110.     the group to prove that this release is not selfmade (coverscan, url,
  111.     ...). If they are not able to prove that it's real it will get nuked
  112.     as bad pack.
  114.  7. The entire CD,Vinyl,etc. must be released (not individual tracks)
  115.     If you think it's too much work to rip all tracks you better don't
  116.     rip at all. Releasing the complete CD/Vinyl/.. is necessary because  
  117.     otherwise it would be possible to make several (different) releases
  118.     of the same cd/vinyl/etc..
  120.     Exception for albums:
  121.     If a RETAIL album has been released and you have a different edition
  122.     of the same album (foreign/promo/advance/..) then it's allowed to
  123.     release the new/bonus tracks only. But you may NOT re-release an
  124.     entire inital edition within the first three months except if ... :
  125.     ... it's a 1disc release and more than 30% of the tracks of your
  126.         version are not on the previous retail version.
  127.     ... it's a multi disc release and either more than 30% of the tracks
  128.         or at least 6 tracks of your version are not on the previous
  129.         retail version.
  131.     Moreover, it is NOT allowed to re-release a new edition of an retail
  132.     album EVER if the different/extra/bonus tracks are already included
  133.     in one (!) previous release. For example, USA album is released and
  134.     four months later japanese with simply a remix from an old CDM/CDS
  135.     still wouldn't be allowed.
  137.     Example1: album released in US with 10 tracks, japanese edition with
  138.     11 tracks (1 bonus track that is a new song) then you MUST release
  139.     the jap bonus track only (without including previously released  
  140.     tracks of the US album) during the first three months after first
  141.     full retail release. If it's more than 3 months later then you are  
  142.     allowed to do either the bonustrack-only or the full album.
  144.     Example2: After the retail you got a promo with 1 different track.  
  145.     Then it's not allowed to release this full album within 3 months. If
  146.     the bonus track was already out on a different release then it's not
  147.     even allowed to release it bonus-only.
  149.     Example3: Your different edition has 13 tracks of which 9 were on the
  150.     first retail release and 4 (= more than 30%) are new. Then you are
  151.     allowed to release the full album even within first 3 months. Except
  152.     when the 4 new tracks were already all on ONE previous release. Then
  153.     a release isn't allowed at all.
  155.     For DVD(A) releases check Rule 10.
  157.  8. Current maximum directory/filename-length is 128 characters
  158.     Exception: Dirfixes that reach the limit by adding "-DIRFIX-"
  160.  9. No fake-releases
  161.     It's a fake release when artist, title, group or source is incorrect
  162.     (different).
  164.     examples:
  165.     - Some_Artist-Crappy_Music-2004-GRP not released by GRP
  166.     - Another_Artist-Lots_of_Noise-CDM-2004-GRP was ripped from TV or
  167.       downloaded from a paysite
  168.     - Madonna-Something_New-2004-GRP really containing some tracks by
  169.       Marilyn Manson
  171. 10. DVD/DVDA Ripping
  172.     A DVD/DVDA release must contain all music tracks. Additional tracks
  173.     (interviews etc.) are optional. If those extra tracks are not
  174.     included then a proper (with ALL tracks) or an additional release  
  175.     (extra tracks only) is not allowed.
  177.     If tracks are available in several audio formats then you must use
  178.     the "best" version.
  179.     Priority is:
  180.     - PCM stereo (doesn't matter if DVDA or CDDA quality)
  181.     - PCM 3+ channels
  182.     - AC3 (dolby digital) stereo or DTS stereo
  183.     - AC3 (dolby digital) 3+ channels or DTS 3+ channels
  184.     - MPG
  186.     Examples:
  187.     - DVD contains AC3 5.1 and AC3 2.0 => you must rip the AC3 2.0 tracks
  188.     - DVD contains PCM and AC3 2.0 => you must rip the PCM tracks
  189.     - DVD contains MPG and AC3 2.0 => you must rip the AC3 2.0 version
  191.     Normalizing the sound volume is allowed but optional.
  193. 11. Encoding Quality
  194.       1. For releases made from MP3s (online bought) and which are not SBD:
  195.          VBR (all combinations, but no maximum bitrate limit) and CBR is
  196.          allowed. The minumum bitrate for CBR is 192kbit.
  198.          => You release the MP3 as is. It is NOT allowed to re-encode! If
  199.          the source is below 192 kbit CBR it's not allowed to release it.
  200.          Release the MP3 unmodifed as you downloaded it. Only
  201.          adding/changing ID3 tag is allowed.
  203.          If you want to release a -WEB- mp3 file with constant bitrate
  204.          (CBR) then you must choose the best version (320->256->224->192
  205.          kbit) available at the shop.
  207.       2. For ALL other sources (CD, Vinyl, DVD, SBD, CABLE, LINE, etc.):
  208.          You must use either:
  209.          - LAME 3.97 (final version!) with preset V2 and VBRNEW
  210.            ("-V2 --vbr-new") or
  211.          - LAME 3.90.3 (modified version preferred) with preset APS  
  212.            ("--alt-preset standard").
  213.          For both LAME versions additional switches which would affect
  214.          the mp3 quality are forbidden, especially no minimum or maximum
  215.          bitrate limits.
  217.          If you use LAME 3.90.3: preset must either be stored in mp3  
  218.          header (= modified LAME version) or be part of info in your nfo
  219.          file.
  220.          (If you are going to change your encoder now then switch to
  221.          3.97. LAME 3.90.3 will probably be removed from this rule in
  222.          next rules version)
  224.       3. The sampling rate must be either 44.1khz or 48khz. 32khz is not
  225.          allowed. Downsampling to 44.1 or 48khz is allowed (if source is
  226.          better), upsampling to 44.1 or 48khz is not allowed.
  228.       4. For all LIVE sources: Straight-to-mp3 encoding is allowed, but
  229.          discouraged. The header of the mp3 file must be correct at all
  230.          times.
  232. 12. Promos  
  233.     If a release is considered not to have every track from the source  
  234.     then it must be labeled as a promo and can be duped by any legitimate
  235.     retail release that DOES contain all tracks. The legitimate release
  236.     can be identified by the CAT number, or more suitable proof.
  238.     Promos do not have to contain track listings, they are promotional
  239.     material, they are not considered legitimate releases, and are still
  240.     governed by quality rules.
  242.     If you release a promo when the retail is already out then you must  
  243.     provide proof that this promo is real to make sure this is not a
  244.     selfmade "promo".
  246.     to reduce amount of fakes:
  247.     A one track promo single release must include cover scans/photos.
  249. 13. Re-encodes are not allowed.
  250.     Exception: releases of following sources are currently allowed if
  251.     they are tagged correctly:
  252.     DVD, DAB, DVBC/DVBS/DVBT/SAT (compressed digital tv/radio
  253.     sat,cable,terrestrial), MD (live)
  255. 14. All bootleg releases must have the word BOOTLEG in dirname
  256.     A bootleg recording is a cd/vinyl/dvd that was not officially
  257.     released by the person/company owning the rights to do that (for
  258.     example streetmixes, pirate live cds, etc).
  260.     Because very often it's not 100% clear if something is bootleg there
  261.     are conditions when we assume something is or isn't bootleg. This is
  262.     not a defnition of "bootleg" and if a condition is not true then it
  263.     does not mean the opposite is true. This only helps nukers and groups
  264.     to decide if a bootleg tag is needed and hopefully leads to more fair
  265.     nuking.
  267.     conditions for:
  268.     [records done completely by the artist] (no samples from other  
  269.     artists)
  270.     It's bootleg if ...
  271.       - there are no signs that the label really released this
  272.       - the "label" has no connection to the artist
  273.     (independent releases (no label, own label) are allowed and don't
  274.     need a bootleg tag)
  276.     even if the conditions above are true it is NOT bootleg if:
  277.     - the record is available at at least 3 major retail shops
  279.     conditions for:
  280.     [mixes] (samples of other artists included)
  281.     It's not bootleg if ...
  282.       - the record is available at at least 3 major retail shops
  283.       - the label exists and lists the record and the label never released
  284.         any bootlegs and released stuff that was available at major retail
  285.         shops
  286.       - the artist or label of the samples confirms this release is valid
  287.         (on their webpage or some other trusted place)
  289.     "major retail shops" currently are:
  290.     www.amazon.com (.de, .fr ...)
  291.     www.bestbuy.com
  292.     www.walmart.com
  293.     www.cduniverse.com
  294.     www.virginmegastores.co.uk (.gr, .fr, .jp) (US shop excluded)
  295.     www.sonymusicstore.com
  296.     www.juno.co.uk
  297.     www.deejay.de
  298.     www.ukdancerecords.com
  299.     www.dancegrooves.com
  300.     www.threebeatrecords.co.uk
  301.     www.4djsonly.com
  303.     The shop itself must sell the record (no private sellers).
  305. 15. FREE MP3s
  306.     If music in mp3 format in acceptable quality (CBR 192kbit minimum) or
  307.     files in a lossless format (wav/flac/...) are legally available for  
  308.     download on the net at no cost (artist / record company allows it)  
  309.     then it's NOT allowed to release those files or mp3s of the same
  310.     tracks you made from this or other sources (cd/vinyl/...).
  312. 16. SOURCE
  313.     The tracks of a release must all be from the same source and have the
  314.     same quality/cbr-bitrate/vbr-setting/encoder/setting. Taking tracks
  315.     from other scene releases or internal group releases of other groups
  316.     is strictly forbidden.
  317.     If the source is not a pressed CDDA then the directory name needs a
  318.     valid source tag. Valid tags are listed below.
  320.     =RETAIL SOURCES=
  321.      [CD SINGLE] (pressed CDDA)
  322.      dirtag needed: -CDS- or -CDM-
  324.      [CD ALBUM] (pressed CDDA)
  325.      dirtag needed: none
  326.      dirtag suggested: -CDA- (-2CDA- -3CDA- etc.)
  328.      [CD OTHER] (pressed CDDA)
  329.      dirtag needed: none
  330.      dirtag suggested: -CD- (-2CD- -3CD- etc.), -CDEP-
  332.      [VINYL SINGLE]
  333.      dirtag needed: -VLS- or -VINYL-
  334.      dirtag suggested: -VLS-
  336.      [VINYL ALBUM]
  337.      dirtag needed: -LP- or -VINYL-
  338.      dirtag suggested: -LP-
  340.      [VINYL OTHER]
  341.      dirtag needed: -VINYL-
  343.      [DVD] (pressed video DVD)
  344.      dirtag needed: -DVD- (-2DVD- -3DVD- etc.)
  345.      extra nfo info needed:
  346.       - codec of source (AC3, PCM, MPG, DTS),
  347.       - number of channels of source (stereo, 5.1, ...)
  349.      [DVD SINGLE] (pressed video DVD)]
  350.      dirtag needed: -DVDS- or -DVD-
  351.      dirtag suggested: -DVDS-
  352.      extra nfo info needed:
  353.       - codec of source (AC3, PCM, MPG, DTS),
  354.       - number of channels of source (stereo, 5.1, ...)
  356.      [DVDA] (PCM data of a pressed DVDA, not audio of a video DVD!)
  357.      dirtag needed: -DVDA- (-2DVDA- -3DVDA- etc.)
  358.       - number of channels of source (stereo, 5.1, ...)
  360.      [SACD]
  361.      dirtag needed: -SACD- (-2SACD- -3SACD- etc.)
  363.      [HD DVD] (pressed)
  364.      dirtag needed: -HDDVD- (-2HDDVD- -3HDDVD- etc.)
  365.       - codec of source (AC3, DD+, PCM, MPG, DTS, DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD)
  366.       - number of channels of source (stereo, 5.1, ...)
  368.      [BLU-RAY DISC] (pressed)
  369.      dirtag needed: -BD- (-2BD- -3BD- etc.)
  370.       - codec of source (AC3, DD+, PCM, MPG, DTS, DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD)
  371.       - number of channels of source (stereo, 5.1, ...)
  373.     =LIVE SOURCES=
  374.      [ANALOG RADIO] (terrestrial)
  375.      dirtag needed: -FM-
  377.      [ANALOG CABLE]
  378.      dirtag needed: -CABLE-
  381.      dirtag needed: -SAT-
  384.      dirtag needed: -DVBS-
  387.      dirtag needed: -DVBC-
  390.      dirtag needed: -DVBT-
  393.      dirtag needed: -DAB-
  395.      [MD] (MiniDisc)
  396.      dirtag needed: -MD-
  398.      [direct recording by the ripper from soundboard/mixer through the
  399.       LINE-in interface]
  400.      dirtag needed: -LINE-
  402.      [MP3 FILE supplied by a radio station or DJ] (and not recorded from
  403.       a webstream)
  404.      dirtag needed: -SBD-
  406.      [WEBSTREAM] (not allowed, so must be released internally)
  407.      dirtag needed: -STREAM-
  409.     =OTHER SOURCES=
  410.      [WEB] - audio files legally available on the net and not free
  411.      dirtag needed: -WEB-
  412.      extra nfo info needed:
  413.       - codec of source (MP3, PCM, ...),
  414.       - bitrate of source file (if not PCM/WAV),
  415.       - URL to some shop where it's available in that format
  417.      [CDR] (small label/artist releasing CDDA on CDR pr LIVE set supplied
  418.             on CDR)
  419.      dirtag needed: -CDR- (-2CDR- -3CDR- etc.)
  421.      [DVDR] (small label/artist releasing on DVDR)
  422.      dirtag needed: -DVDR- (-2DVDR- -3DVDR- etc.)
  423.      extra nfo info needed:
  424.       - codec of source (AC3, PCM, MPG, DTS),
  425.       - number of channels of source (stereo, 5.1, ...)
  427.      [HD DVD RECORDABLE]
  428.      dirtag needed: -HDDVDR- (-2HDDVDR- -3HDDVDR- etc.)
  429.       - codec of source (AC3, DD+, PCM, MPG, DTS, DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD)
  430.       - number of channels of source (stereo, 5.1, ...)
  433.      dirtag needed: -BDR- (-2BDR- -3BDR- etc.)
  434.       - codec of source (AC3, DD+, PCM, MPG, DTS, DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD)
  435.       - number of channels of source (stereo, 5.1, ...)
  437.      [DAT TAPE]
  438.      dirtag needed: -DAT-
  440.      [ANALOG TAPE]
  441.      dirtag needed: -TAPE-
  443.      [HOMEMADE] (done by a groupmember or close friend)
  444.      dirtag needed: -HOMEMADE-
  446.      [UNKNOWN]
  447.      dirtag needed: -BOOTLEG-
  450.     All other "sources" are invalid source tags (-LIVE- , -EP-, ...).
  451.     Which means you need a second tag for the source if you use those
  452.     tags (except for CDs which don't need a source tag).
  454.     A SBD release is not allowed if it could be a re-encode/repack of the
  455.     same show streamed or downloaded free from inet. If a free broadcast
  456.     or download is/was available with 160kbit CBR or better then it's not
  457.     allowed to do a SBD release.
  459. 17. Trackfixes
  460.     Only one trackfix per release is allowed. If the release needs a
  461.     second trackfix or more than 50% of the tracks need a fix then you
  462.     must re-rip the whole release and all previous releases+dir/nfofixes
  463.     getting nuked.
  464.     A 1-track fix for a 2-track release is allowed (=50% and not "more  
  465.     than 50%").
  467. 18. ID3 Tags
  468.     All mp3 files need an ID3 v1.1 tag. This tag must include Artist,
  469.     Title and Album (see Note #3). The fields Year, Genre and Tracknumber
  470.     must be present but may not be nuked if incorrect.
  471.     An additional ID3 v2 tag is allowed and recommended.
  473. 19. LIVE release quality
  474.       1. The set must be complete. This means that every part of the show
  475.          must be released, and the beginning and end must be included in
  476.          their entirety. A set may not miss more than 1 minute from begin
  477.          or end.
  478.       2. All commercials must be edited out.
  479.       3. DJ talk can be included to a certain extent: track announcements
  480.          and short lines from the DJ should not be removed; interviews
  481.          and other long talk should be removed (or included in a separate
  482.          file if it's special).
  483.       4. It is encouraged to fade-in and fade-out the set. However, lack
  484.          of fades constitutes no proper reason.
  486. Notes:
  487.  1. Releases with an apparently incorrect year may not be nuked. However
  488.     the year should be correct of course. Keep in mind that a lot of
  489.     sites nuke for fake year when it's incorrect. (The Year in dirname is
  490.     not the year when you released it but when the record company/artist
  491.     published it!)
  492.  2. If a release labeled as "advance" is identical to the retail version
  493.     then the advance turns into a retail release. This means then it is
  494.     not allowed to dupe it and it counts as retail for ALL rules. If the
  495.     retail is different then of course it's allowed to release it.
  496.  3. Typos (in dirname, trackname, id3, etc ...) are tolerated if it still
  497.     is readable and either artist or title is 100% correct.
  498.  4. The audio of a normal video DVD is *NOT* DVDA ! The audio of a DVD
  499.     usually is MP2/AC3/DTS compressed (lossy) while the audio of a real
  500.     DVDA is high quality PCM (lossless, e.g. 24bit/192khz). Tagging a
  501.     normal DVD release as -DVDA- will get nuked.
  503. change-log:
  504. 2007-01-15 first version (v1.0)
  505. 2007-06-01 rule 1: live sources addition
  506. 2007-06-01 1.4 added (CD after WEB allowed)
  507. 2007-06-01 3.4 added (INT tagging)
  508. 2007-06-01 3.5 added (live sources)
  509. 2007-06-01 rule 4 addition (remix info in filenames)
  510. 2007-06-01 rule 7 reworded to make clear it's for promos/advances too and
  511.            to allow full re-releases within 3 months more than 30% is new.
  512. 2007-06-01 rule 11 addition: best CBR must be released for WEB releases  
  513. 2007-06-01 11.3 added (minimum sampling rate)
  514. 2007-06-01 11.4 added + rewordings for live sources
  515. 2007-06-01 rule 13 adjusted for live sources
  516. 2007-06-01 rule 16 reworded to forbid different encoders in one release
  517. 2007-06-01 rule 16: new sources HD DVD and BLU RAY added
  518. 2007-06-01 rule 16: "CDDA" added to all CD-sources
  519. 2007-06-01 rule 16: all live sources adjusted, "SBD" rips limited
  520. 2007-06-01 rule 19 added (LIVE release quality)
  522.                 V1.1 active since 2007-06-01, signed by:
  525.   NukeNet OBC ONe PMS PULSE pyt RAGEMP3 RpM RTB SAW SER Sheepnet SiRiON
  526.           sour TCLUB TGX tronik TWCLIVE uF UPE ViC wAx WiTF XXL

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