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Posted by haggist raged 2 on Thursday 11th December 2008 18:58:05 - Never Expires
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  1. =HeL= Lark: http://www.ragebin.com/83
  2. =HeL= Lark: funny tbh^
  3. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: I think you're a revolting young man
  4. =HeL= Lark: rofl!
  5. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: Blowing little mini Carls all over your girlfriend and whatnot
  6. =HeL= Lark: you find me revolting because when i cum its over a girl?
  7. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: Well if it doesn't fit...
  8. =HeL= Lark: read your logs, when i pull out...
  9. =HeL= Lark: as in when i'm done
  10. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: 2 seconds later...
  11. =HeL= Lark: i know you don't have much experience but you must of talked about it
  12. =HeL= Lark: your the child if its only 2 seconds for you
  13. =HeL= Lark: you're*
  14. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: If i'm the child why are the one acting so pathetic?
  15. =HeL= Lark: i'm not acting pathetic
  16. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: ...
  17. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: You blatently are
  18. =HeL= Lark: i'm just loling
  19. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: What are you trying to prove by talking about what you do with your girlfriend
  20. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: I'm sure shes happy you're bragging it about
  21. =HeL= Lark: why would she care
  22. =HeL= Lark: you brought my girlfriend into it anyway when you mentioned me wanking
  23. =HeL= Lark: i was talking about t-bagging t-bag cos he failed at life
  24. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: Yeah that was about the hacking lolz
  25. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO T-BAG A GUIY?
  26. =HeL= Lark: because its funny hes dead
  27. =HeL= Lark: you could like video it and take pics
  28. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: Yeah it's fucking hilarious
  29. =HeL= Lark: i'm glad you agree
  30. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: You're a sick person tbh
  31. =HeL= Lark: i'm gona rofl all night at the news
  32. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: Just because you sit at home all day trying to hack little n00bs and act like a little script kiddy fag....
  33. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: Why not just likeee, act your age a tiny bit?
  34. =HeL= Lark: i don't try to, i do
  35. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: I think you've hung out with Echo way to long
  36. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: with his wheel chair and owl collection
  37. =HeL= Lark: and you've been hacked by me before would that mean you're a little n00b?
  38. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: Why not leave your house a bit?
  39. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: LOL
  40. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: HAHAHA
  42. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: YOUR PROFILE PICTURE IS A DEVIL!! HAHA
  43. =HeL= Lark: i do leave my house? i didn't get locked out i remember a c99.php file on your site, wonder if its still there :D
  44. =HeL= Lark: yea my profile pic on msn is shit
  45. =HeL= Lark: shows how ugly i can look
  46. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: okay find this c99.php and prove it mate
  47. =HeL= Lark: why would i give that waway
  48. =HeL= Lark: away*
  49. =HeL= Lark: you can root a whole box with a shell script
  50. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: because we both know you didn't/cant
  51. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: Go on then?
  52. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: Thats what i keep saying to all you little hackers
  53. =HeL= Lark: why are you raging so much lol
  54. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: please feel free to try
  55. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: and everyone can't
  56. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: because you're acting like a little kid who thinks someone dying is funny?
  57. =HeL= Lark: i'm not acting like a little kid and someone dying is funny
  58. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: Meh, i'm just gonna delete you imo. Good luck with life tbh
  59. =HeL= Lark: my stomaches hurting i've been laughing so much
  60. =HeL= Lark: i don't need luck
  61. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: I think you do tbh
  62. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: and alot of help lol
  63. =HeL= Lark: well your opinion is wrong
  64. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: pff you
  65. =HeL= Lark: haha
  66. =HeL= Lark: i don't need help with anything tbh
  67. *<|:-) Haggist.co.uk: lol
  68. =HeL= Lark: you done being raged now?

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