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Posted by Omegle lolz on Saturday 13th June 2009 14:04:58 - Never Expires
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  1. You: Hey
  2. Stranger: hellooo
  3. Stranger: m/f?
  4. You: I am a 23 years young female from Holland :)
  5. Stranger: coooool
  6. Stranger: i am a 17 year old male from england
  7. You: I always wanted to go to England once!
  8. Stranger: nahhhh its pretty boring here lol
  9. You: In wich city do you live then?
  10. Stranger: i dont live in a city
  11. Stranger: i live in the countryside
  12. You: Owh ^^
  13. Stranger: hehe
  14. Stranger: so whats your name>?
  15. You: My name is Sarah
  16. Stranger: ah cool
  17. Stranger: mines luke
  18. You: Cool
  19. Stranger: so what do you do?
  20. You: I am all wet now..
  21. You: Just came out of the shower :)
  22. Stranger: haha
  23. Stranger: yeeeaaa i need a shower loll
  24. You: But I am missing someone to shower with me
  25. Stranger: me too
  26. You: My boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago
  27. You: I was all sad and stuff
  28. Stranger: aww that sucks
  29. You: but now, im like
  30. You: Fuck it, I dont want to give my life allt o him
  31. You: There is more to live!
  32. Stranger: yea i know how it feels lol
  33. You: How sweet :)
  34. Stranger: haha
  35. Stranger: but yeaa there will always be someone else
  36. You: Lets keep our fingers crossed!
  37. Stranger: haha yeeaaa
  38. Stranger: how long were you with him?
  39. You: like 1,5 years
  40. You: give me 5 minutes
  41. You: (dressing up)
  42. You: Got to go to work
  43. Stranger: ah that sucks
  44. You: Dressed up and well :)
  45. You: Heard England haves a really bad work situation
  46. You: No jobs, low wages and stuff
  47. Stranger: yeeaaa
  48. Stranger: i'm suposed to get a job for the summer but there are non going at all
  49. You: How about you, do you have a job?
  50. Stranger: nooope
  51. You: Hope you get 1
  52. Stranger: yea me too lol
  53. You: Im happy with my job then ! ^^
  54. Stranger: what job do you have?
  55. You: Actually
  56. You: I am a travestite
  57. You: I work at the red ligt district
  58. You: I fuck homosexuals brutally
  59. You: lol
  60. You: BAIBAI
  61. You: WORK IS CALLING!!
  62. You have disconnected.

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